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  • 1x1 personal matches wanted

    I am looking to play a couple of 1x1 games with someone or 2. However I am kind of a warmonger so I like to start more advanced and lots of gold and PW to set up a good empire and smash each other; so the game is over between 100 to 150 turns. I like to start with a capitol of size 3, 10 settlers, 2 mil PW, 5 mil gold, advances up to cavalry, musketeer, cannon, Ship of the line, kind of range, no pollution, no nukes, no wonders, gigantic map, 2 human players, 4 AI's. I like the game but it drives me nuts how long it can take to establish an empire that can sustain a major war offensive. I really only have the time to do this with about 2 maybe 3 people because of the super league stuff. I am going to give these games priority and try to do them each day, so I am looking for someone to do the same. Email me at Ken/dancemasseuse

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    Ken, why don't you sign up for the PBEM Challenge Ladder for some 1x1 games?


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      I have enough games started with the super league. I don't want to build another empire from scratch right now. it takes months to do that. I want to play some war types where I can be fighting in about 30 days. does the PBEM challege ladder do that or start games the way I mentioned above? Ken