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    Options are:

    1. Domestication

    First economic research, very important for a scientist like me. It let us build a market that increase income in 50% in the city where it's build thus increasing science too.

    It also let us build Mounted Archers, good unit for exploration due it's movement of 3. There is a great strategy early on the game where a stack of 6-8 mounted archers with a slaver attack any unit that approach our land giving us an extra worker very easy. In an overcrowed world like this we can follow this strategy.

    2. Ironworking

    Second most important advance for defence, this let us build legions, a unit that had same defence than a phalanx (2) but with more power for attack (2).

    This units are cheap and powerful to make an attack on closer civilizations.

    3. Writing

    It gives nothing but let us make new very important researchs, like trade or geometry. I use to choose this in time of peace, but with greeks so close I'll wait for this.

    4. Shipbuilding

    This tech let us build first sea unit: tireme. Very important on a sea based game like in islands, I think we don't need to explore ocean right now so this can wait a little longer.

    It also let us build a wonder of the world: Labyrinth with will give us free caravans, very important on a land with a lot of goods and a lot of cities, it's a key for a science race.


    I'll go for domestication but want to read what do you think about other 3 techs.

    I take domestication becase I want to rush buy a market in Te Moana with his double pearl will give us a big jump in science.

    And I'm planing to build 6 mounted archers (1 by city) to patrol our land and capture slaves.
    Yes we need markets
    No, go for writting we need to save our knowledge
    I don't care, that's your job
    Research, what's that?

    The poll is expired.

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    Domestication all the way. Good forward thinking with the pearls in Te Moana.


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      Let us build marketplaces so the peasants can barter for needed goods and wanted trinkets
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        The one other good point of the shipbuilding is that we can improve our pearl sites with nets. But I agree that Domestication should come first and probably writing as well.
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          Markets, markets, markets, let's build markets everywhere.

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            markets! but not everywhere
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            ash nazg gimbatul
            ash nazg trakutaluk
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