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~15 turns strategy; starting 760AD

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  • Kataphraktoi
    I just realized you may not have intended to use this thread for the current turn....

    Continued moving all troops toward isthmus area, knight from xian attacked the archer, took no damage, and has 5 xp. Moved 2 workers onto forests and started cottages with 2 others, since mhasa\dongjing have few improved tiles and happiness will be going up w\ gems. Started maceman in tassagrad, done in two. Whipped Nanjing.

    On a side note, wasnt that Khan city beshbalik previously named Cruel Intentions?

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  • Kataphraktoi
    Heres what has happened so far and from last turn;

    Tassagrad finishes knight.
    Our explorer was killed as expected.
    Mhasa and Dongjing continue building macemen started last turn. South of mhasa there are a pair of workers i assigned to chopping. They finish in 1 turn, the maceman there will be done in 2. Dongjing also finishes its mace in 2 turns.
    An archer has moved into tassagrads LOS. A knight with 4\5 XP has 100% odds across a river, so i would suggest attacking.
    2 workers near dongjing need assignments.

    actually I was thinking now that we have lots of military and no immediate use we could make a few economy builds in those cities except tassa, like workers and settlers
    I was thinking about impalers proposed forward city and i like the idea of getting a settler or two out. Also provides a closer location to upgrade some maces to muskets.

    Naning would take a whip nicely now. After the whip, the city would grow in 2 turns and complete granary in 1, and give rollover hammers of 17 nearly enough to finish the forge it also was working on. After that a lighthouse would seem to be in order.
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  • Kataphraktoi
    Yeah, sorry for not posting anything guys. I was a little occupied. The obvious reaction is if im too occupied to post info why am i unoccupied to show up quickly...Well all i can say is i intend to improve on this.

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  • PJayTycy
    started a topic ~15 turns strategy; starting 760AD

    ~15 turns strategy; starting 760AD

    So, currently we don't have a plan about what we'll do the next few turns. We need :

    --> research priorities
    --> military units
    --> economy buildups ?

    As a start, I post a skype chatlog from this morning with a city-placement proposal from Impaler:

    [7:35:14] Impaler[WrG] : city proposals for the south we should build on of the two northern location sometime between now and our final 'push' against GS
    [7:35:24] PJayTycy : the red lines are naval routes I guess?
    [7:35:27] Impaler[WrG] : and then fill in the others later
    [7:35:40] Impaler[WrG] : yes I was thinkking of making a 'raid' on their Iron
    [7:35:51] PJayTycy : Due to circumnavigation, our galleys move 3 tiles/turn now
    [7:36:08] PJayTycy : So it's 1 turn less
    [7:36:25] Impaler[WrG] : we can unload into that plot with no warning guaranteeing we can do some damage
    [7:36:49] Impaler[WrG] : I'll update that then, thanks for the reminder
    [7:38:35] PJayTycy : I can't really see from the screenshot, but all those trees are jungle there right?
    [7:38:47] PJayTycy : So we can't use it for chopping
    [7:39:08] Impaler[WrG] : theirs a mix of jungle forest
    [7:39:31] Impaler[WrG] : the hose/Ivory city has 4 forests
    [7:39:56] Impaler[WrG] : the Rice / Banana city has 2 (one shared with prior city)
    [7:41:06] Impaler[WrG] : moving the horse/Ivory city SW would give it 5 forests and reduce the overlap a bit
    [7:41:19] PJayTycy : I like horse/ivory best, but I don't know if it will be able to grow fast enough
    [7:42:02] Impaler[WrG] : Banana help it, thats farmable for 4 food right?
    [7:42:37] Impaler[WrG] : no its plantation isn't it, for 3 food + commerce?
    [7:43:22] PJayTycy : I don't know by heart
    [7:43:33] binTravkin : Banana is 5 food
    [7:43:51] binTravkin : the map seems ok, I'd just like to see it's continuation to north on the west coast
    [7:43:57] binTravkin : so that there are no conflicts there
    [7:44:06] Impaler[WrG] : true
    [7:44:23] Impaler[WrG] : my thought is NW of Stone at first
    [7:44:42] Impaler[WrG] : we can see how that fits with earlier plans
    [7:44:46] binTravkin : well, you have to take into account that ivory that is just off the map in the noth
    [7:44:53] binTravkin : and those incense resources
    [7:44:59] binTravkin : more to north
    [7:45:04] Impaler[WrG] : true
    [7:45:14] binTravkin : I'd not worry about stone
    [7:45:18] binTravkin : food + sea is more important
    [7:46:25] Impaler[WrG] : well what do you think of raiding the GS Iron, we could deny them some hammers using a small navel landing and escape again when they try to engage us or try to fortify
    [7:46:45] binTravkin : yeah it was my second thought on that ivory raid
    [7:47:59] Impaler[WrG] : I belive one of their cities is 2 tiles south of that Iron so they will counter attack our unit/s but we would be on hill with 25%
    [7:48:30] binTravkin : I doubt they will have units to counterattack in their cities
    [7:48:39] Impaler[WrG] : infact if we made longbowman of our own they would be very hard to dislodge from a defensive position their on the hill
    [7:48:56] binTravkin : yeah, that's one idea
    [7:49:05] binTravkin : 2 longbows and deal's done
    [7:49:10] binTravkin : or longbow + pike
    [7:49:12] binTravkin :
    [7:49:56] Impaler[WrG] : yep, that would be a tough nut for them to crack, even if they did we would likely come out ahead on hammers
    [7:50:20] binTravkin : yes
    [7:50:26] binTravkin : such situations are beneficial to us
    [7:50:40] binTravkin : where they are forced to attack and lose the same amount of hammers or more than we
    [7:51:58] Impaler[WrG] : ok sounds like a plan
    [7:52:16] Impaler[WrG] : ok night time for me, later
    [7:52:50] binTravkin : actually I was thinking now that we have lots of military and no immediate use we could make a few economy builds in those cities except tassa, like workers and settlers
    [7:52:59] binTravkin : and missionaries