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Turn 152, 840 AD

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  • Turn 152, 840 AD

    Turn 153, 840AD

    Military Units

    4 LB (garrison)
    1 LB promote to hills defence and send to hill ivory-7
    1 Skirm send to hill with LB
    3 WE (garrison)
    1 WE (near Carnero)
    3 WE to Taz to deal with knights (theyl'll die next turn unless they retreat back to the galley or desert hill).
    2 Cats (garrison)
    2 Axemen (garison)

    At Hill,
    1 LB, hills
    1 Skirm
    1WE, C2

    Warrior, Spear (Garrison)

    Spear (garrison)
    WE (send to Carnero)

    Axe[CR3] (garrison)
    Cat send to Carnero

    Skirm (garrison)

    Axe[7/10 exp, Combat1, shock] moved 9(7) to look for galley landed knights double moving the Voice.

    Axe (deep south): fog busting south of Wines
    Scout: fog busting south of EotS

    Science 100%

    Current (155/turn): Metal Casting 2 turns
    (Paper 455/858)

    Treasury 0%

    Current 280g (-35g/turn)

    Civics HR-Bureau-Slavery-Dec-Pagan
    Can revolt in 3 turns


    Eye of the Storm (Size 6)
    Food: (8/turn) 15/32 (3 turns)
    Hammers: (4/turn)
    Production: Elephant (11/60, 13 turns)

    Winestrom (Size 4)
    Food (7/turn) 17/28: (2 turns)
    Hammers: (1/turn)
    Production: LIbrary, 76/90
    WE (29 hammers invested), switch production to maximise whip overflow.
    GPP (0/turn): 40/200

    Taz City (Size 2)
    Food (5/turn): 22/24 (2 turns)
    Hammers (1/turn)
    Production: WE (1 turn)
    In queue: Confucian temple (28/80)

    The Voice (Size 7)
    Food (1/turn) 18/34 (16 turns)
    Hammers (36/turn)
    Production: Cat (1 turn)
    WE (1 turn), stored until get back into vassalage I think we need this asap now...

    Carnero Tempestas (Size 5)
    Food (+4/turn) 18/30 (3 turns)
    Hammers (9/turn)
    Production: Walls (2 turns)
    WE (29/60, 2 turns) whip soon

    In-game diplomacy

    Distant events
    You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.

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    Did some thing happen? Did someone win or what?