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Turn 151, 800AD

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  • Turn 151, 800AD

    Turn 151, 800AD

    Military Units

    4 LB (garrison)
    1 LB promote to hills defence and send to hill ivory-7
    1 Skirm send to hill with LB
    5 WE (garrison)
    2 WE (near Carnero)
    2 Cats (garrison)
    2 Axemen (garison)

    Warrior, Spear (Garrison)

    Spear (garrison)
    WE (send to Carnero)

    Axe[CR3] (garrison)
    Cat send to Carnero

    Skirm (garrison)
    Skirm (gold mine): fortified for barbs
    Axe[7/10 exp, Combat1, shock]

    Axe (deep south): fog busting south of Wines
    Scout: fog busting south of EotS

    Science 100%

    Current (143/turn): Metal Casting 4 turns
    (Paper 455/858)

    Treasury 0%

    Current 346g (-32g/turn)

    Civics HR-Bureau-Slavery-Dec-Pagan
    Can revolt in 5 turns


    Eye of the Storm (Size 5)
    Food: (7/turn) 16/30 (2 turns)
    Hammers: (4/turn)
    Production: Elephant (3/60, 15 turns)

    Winestrom (Size 3)
    Food (6/turn): (2 turns)
    Hammers: (1/turn)
    Production: LIbrary, 74/90
    WE (29 hammers invested), switch production to maximise whip overflow.
    GPP (0/turn): 40/200

    Taz City (Size 3)
    Food (5/turn): ?/? (1 turns)
    Hammers (1/turn)
    Production: WE (many turns)
    In queue: Confucian temple (28/80)

    The Voice (Size 6)
    Food (3/turn): (1 turns)
    Hammers (28/turn)
    Production: WE (3 turn)

    Carnero Tempestas (Size 4)
    Food (+3/turn): (2 turns)
    Hammers (6/turn)
    Production: WE (23/60, 2 turns) whip?

    In-game diplomacy

    Distant events
    You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.

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    Even in Bureau we are outproduced 5:1 by AC. Very shortly there are going to come at us with a stack of atleast 30 units IMO. We're pretty screwed IMO.
    You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.


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      That's because:
      1. Bureac adds very little to our production (EotS is a commerce city)
      2. Most of our hammers are probably coming from the whip, and that is not shown in demographics screen.
      3. They probably have forges everywhere.

      I'm most worried about when they turn up with Pikes. Then there is no way we can reliably counter attack.

      Btw, I think that Wines would be better building a barracks than a library. We barracks in all cities will be helpful now that we are no longer in Vassalage. I imagine we will be training/whiping units in Wines for some time: a barracks will pay off.


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        Going back to Vassalage in 5 turns. Just spending the next 5 turns get WE builds up to 29 hammers. And I agree on that, we aren't screwed right now; but we are screwed because even if we can match them hammer for hammer by whipping, they are now able to grow and research and wipe us out 50 turns later. I'm considering slaving out 3-4 settlers and just hoping they don't come in with the uber stack; at the same time see if there is anything they would like to stop the war for. Though I expect they want us out of the game before the other continent can get to galleons. and to have settled the entire continent by 60 turns from now.
        You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.


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          I agree that if we cannot get some more towns down we could not keep up, even if we could right now match them. May as well give it a shot.

          If you have any shot at a truce, if will have to be soon. Once they see you have make some more towns, they will know that you were not making troops and we have fallen further behind.