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Turn 149, AD760

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  • Turn 149, AD760

    Turn 149, AD760

    Military Units

    5 LB (garrison)
    1 Skirm
    3 WE (garrison)
    3 WE (near Carnero)
    2 Cats (garrison)
    2 Axemen

    Warrior, Spear (Garrison)

    Spear (garrison)
    WE (send to Carnero)

    Axe[CR3] (garrison)

    Skirm (garrison)
    Skirm (gold mine): fortified for barbs
    Axe[7/10 exp, Combat1, shock]

    Axe (deep south): fog busting south of Wines
    Scout: fog busting south of EotS

    Science 0%

    Current (?/turn): Metal Casting (many turns)
    (Paper 455/858)

    Treasury 100%

    Current 245g (+46 g/turn)

    Civics HR-Vass-Slavery-Dec-Pagan
    Can revolt in 0 turns


    Eye of the Storm (Size 4)
    Food: (?/turn) ?/? (2 turns)
    Hammers: (3/turn)
    Production: Catapult (1 turn)
    In queue: Elephant (19 turns)

    Winestrom (Size 2)
    Food (?/turn): (1 turns)
    Hammers: (1/turn)
    Production: WE done, build orders
    In queue: Library 73/90
    GPP (0/turn): 40/200

    Taz City (Size 2)
    Food (5/turn): ?/? (1 turns)
    Hammers (1/turn)
    Production: WE (many turns)
    In queue: Confucian temple (28/80)

    The Voice (Size 6)
    Food (/turn): (4 turns)
    Hammers (14/turn)
    Production: Heroic epic done, begin WE

    Carnero Tempestas (Size 4)
    WF: 1, 8, 8, 2
    Food (1/turn): (14 turns)
    Hammers (9/turn)
    Production: WE done, begin WE

    In-game diplomacy

    Distant events

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    Definitely need to get a couple of LB's over on the hillcountry to guard against another attempt at the Ivory, and we need to do it sooner, rather than sims indicate that smacking the stack with a pair of catapults would cause sufficient damage to end them with what we can assemble? (on the thinking that we can't safely spare two LB's to guard the hills until the stack before the gates is dealt with).

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      I agree with getting some LBs on that hill. However, I have no time for simulations. My gut feeling is that we don't have quite enough units to successfully demolish that stack this turn. In two more turns we will be better poised (we'll have two more war elephants on the scene then).


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        AC have withdrawn their stack:

        They have left us with an explorer to defeat. I suggest we use a longbow for experience. The odds are 92%. Either a 4/5 EXP longbow to gain a city garrison II promotion, or a 1/2 EXP longbow to gain a guerilla promo (and guard the ivory).


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          I did the following:
          Attacked AC explorer with LB and won. This LB will get hills defence promo to protect our ivory.

          All new builds are war elephants.


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            Hi Vel, good to see we won, after Vox I figured all rolls were jinxed.


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              Nice work guys, I'll have to read through the turn reports in more detail, but you must have been pretty brilliant givin AC's economic atvantages. I doubt I would have been much help.


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                We woulnd't have got very far without ivory