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Turn 148, AD740

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  • Turn 148, AD740

    Turn 148, AD740

    Military Units

    4 LB (garrison)
    2 Skirms upgrade to LBs for 95 gold each?
    4 WE
    2 Cats
    2 Axemen

    Warrior, Spear (Garrison)

    Spear (garrison)

    Axe[CR3] (garrison)

    Skirm (garrison)
    Skirm (gold mine): fortified for barbs
    Axe[5/5 exp, Combat1, shock]

    Axe (deep south): fog busting south of Wines
    Scout: fog busting south of EotS

    Science 0%

    Current (?/turn): Metal Casting (many turns)
    (Paper 455/858)

    Treasury 100%

    Current 293g (+47 g/turn)

    Civics HR-Vass-Slavery-Dec-Pagan
    Can revolt in 0 turns


    Eye of the Storm (Size 4)
    Food: (?/turn) ?/? (? turns)
    Hammers: (3/turn)
    Production: Elephant (19 turns) Whip, or let EotS grow to boost science?
    In queue: Catapult (2 turns)

    Winestrom (Size 4)
    Food (?/turn): (? turns)
    Hammers: (1/turn)
    Production: WE (9 turns) Whip WE
    In queue: Library 73/90
    GPP (0/turn): 40/200

    Taz City (Size 2)
    Food (5/turn): ?/? (2 turns)
    Hammers (1/turn)
    Production: build orders? Cat or risk WE
    In queue: Confucian temple (28/80)

    The Voice (Size 6)
    Food (/turn): (4 turns)
    Hammers (14/turn)
    Production: Heroic epic (3 turns)

    Carnero Tempestas (Size 4)
    WF: 1, 8, 8, 2
    Food (1/turn): (? turns)
    Hammers (9/turn)
    Production: WE, whip WE for high overflow

    In-game diplomacy

    Distant events

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    Main decision we need to make before the save arrives is this:
    Do we
    (1) whip a WE in EotS, or
    (2) let EotS grow and finish off catapult.

    This may be one of our last opportunities for getting a WE out of EotS, depending on the success of ACs siege/pillaging campaign at Carnero.

    However, if we cannot control Ivory, then we need to research MC and Machinery. The most efficient way to do that is to let EotS grow, switch to Bureacracy and turn science up to 100%.

    What should our priority be?


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      As expected:

      The large stack 1 tile north of Carnero, and our own garrison are shown in the screen shot.

      AC have 1 Mace, 1 CKN on our ivory. We have 3 WEs and 2 Cats one tile SW of Carnero. (These troops can attack AC's ivory troops without risking counterattack because the worker just south of ivory can finish the road there this turn.)

      Carnero will build a WE at the end of this turn (by forest chop).

      1) To attack the AC stack on ivory (1 Maceman & 1 CKN), should we go in with the War Elephants first, or catapults first?
      2) Do we upgrade our two skirms in/near Carnero to Longbows? Or will the present garrison hold the city. (Recall that CKNs give collateral damage)
      3) Then, depending on how our three WEs go against the AC ivory stack, do we move other troops in Carnero to share CKN collateral damage, or keep them outside the city so that we have full strength troops to counterattack next turn? (assuming that AC go for Carnero)


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        I would check the odds for a WE attack and then decide on the cats. We want to win the battle and minimize losses.

        Upgrade those inside and evaluate the out come at Carnero. If it looks safe, hold units for a counter.

        Understand I am a civ3 expert, but not IV.


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          Thanks for feedback. I have already played the save (some time ago!) but for some reason the report I posted did not come through.

          Anyway, here it is:
          - WE defeats AC Maceman at 50% odds without damage
          - WE defeats CKN at 68% odds

          I upgraded one skirm to LB. The other one is still healing, so probably not worth upgrading yet.

          I also decided to let EotS grow.


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            Sounds good to me.