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Turn 147, AD720

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  • Turn 147, AD720

    Turn 147, AD720

    Military Units

    1 LB (garrison)
    3 Skirms (garrison)
    2 Skirms (1 tile east)
    1 WE (garison)
    1 Cat (garison)
    1 WE (1 tile east): 2.3 health, exp 5/2, which promotion?
    2 WE/cat: head to Carnero (this turn)

    Warrior, Spear (Garrison)

    Spear (garrison)

    Axe[CR3] (garrison)

    Skirm (garison)
    Skirm (gold mine): fortified for barbs
    Axe[CR1]: fogbusting near marble
    Axe[5/5 exp, Combat1, shock]

    Axe (deep south): fog busting south of Wines
    Scout: fog busting south of EotS

    Science 0%

    Current (?/turn): Metal Casting (many turns)
    (Paper 455/858)

    Treasury 100%

    Current 531g (+51 g/turn)

    Civics HR-Vass-Slavery-Dec-Pagan
    Can revolt in 0 turns


    Eye of the Storm (Size 3)
    Food: (?/turn) ?/30 (2 turns)
    Hammers: (3/turn)
    Production: Catapult (2 turns)

    Winestrom (Size 3)
    Food (?/turn): (1 turn)
    Hammers: (1/turn)
    Production: WE (10 turns)
    In queue: Library 73/90
    GPP (0/turn): 40/200

    Taz City (Size 4)
    WF: 1, 14, 88, ?
    Food (3/turn): 23/26 (1 turns)
    Hammers (6/turn)
    Production: WE (8 turns) whip WE?
    In queue: Confucian temple (28/80)

    The Voice (Size 6)
    Food (/turn): (5 turns)
    Hammers (14/turn)
    Production: Heroic epic (4 turns)

    Carnero Tempestas (Size 4)
    WF: 1, 8, 8, 2
    Food (1/turn): (? turns)
    Hammers (9/turn)
    Production: Cat done, WE or cat?

    In-game diplomacy

    Distant events

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    AC dropped a maceman and CKN 1 tile from ivory by boat. I was a bit worried that this might happen and should have posted a Longbow on that hill before now.

    To be honest, this is going to be a very difficult position to hold.

    I'd appreciate if someone else could open up the save so we can have a proper discussion on tactics.


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      We do have the option of upgrading each skirm to a LB for 95 gold. Expensive but we do have the gold in the treasury.

      Only problem with that is that it will slow our progress towards Machinery.


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        Any feedback???? I can't hold off playing the save much longer.


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          Current situation. At or near Carnero we have:
          5 Skirms, 1LB, 4 WEs (one is at 5.1/8 health), 2 Cats.

          AC have one stack of 3 Maces, 4 CKNs, 1 Explorer (for collateral resistance) which can attack Carnero in two turns, or pillage ivory in four turns.

          AC have a second stack consisting of one Mace and one CKN. This stack can pillage ivory in 2 turns or attack Carnero in 3 turns.

          We MUST hold Carnero, or we lose ivory. If they pillage ivory then our strongest unit is the Longbow.

          We could upgrade 3 or 4 Skirms to Longbows, which would make it difficult to capture the city. Use the WEs to attack the smaller stack if it goes after the ivory. That way we have ivory for at least another few turns, which means we can train another three or four WEs in our cities. That may be enough to keep the war alive a bit longer.

          Upgrading the Skirms is expensive but I think it may be necessary. Any thoughts?????


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            May as well go for it.


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              Did the following:
              Upgraded 3 Skirms to LBs. (All are city garrison 1).
              Whipped WE in Taz
              Changed production from Cat to WE in EotS. Means we can whip one there next turn if need be.
              Carnero begins WE, will whip it next turn.


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                And the power graph:

                Heroic Epic finished in <4 turns, hopefully that will change our fortunes a little.


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                  And final news:
                  AC has circumnavigated the globe.


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                    It appears that, for whatever it a combination of excellent starting terrain or just plain out playing everyone else, that AC is running away with the game.

                    As I understand it, they've built a good number of wonders, killed off one civ, helped us kill off another, and now are thrashing us...all the while, building those wonders and circumnavigating the easy feat, but they seem to be pulling it off rather nicely.

                    Your assessment is dead on...with fewer cities and inferior tech, if we lose the source of Ivory, that's game, set, and match. Sure, we could make it painful for them...we could MAYBE play the spoiler and hurt them badly enough to cost them the game, but we lose the ivory, we're pretty well done.

                    That said, the current batch of troops that have landed on yonder hill just NE of the Ivory can't get the job done. As single movers, they'll be forced to land on the tile and stop. Had they dropped off a couple HA's, we might have been in trouble, as they could have advanced to the hill, and on the following turn, marched to the Ivory and pillaged in the same turn.

                    As it stands, defensively, about all we can do for the moment is huddle in the city and wait, then pounce on whatever they land on the Ivory, in order to preserve it, all the while making for Macemen ourselves, which, I believe, are the biggest, bestest troops we have available in the nearish future (tho they are notoriously weak against the UU we're facing, as I recall).

                    IF we survive the initial assault, you're right, we need to promote some hill defense LB's and get them on the hill to prevent anyone from sneaking in that direction.

                    There are two things that will save us, as far as I can see:

                    1) pop rush enough good troops to fend off the initial assault (looks like we're in the process of doing that)


                    2) Expand like rutting rabbits

                    The tricky part is...we have to do both at the same time, so we'll need to set aside at least one city to become a settler pump pronto, with the others geared toward cranking out as many of our best troops as possible.

                    We will be on the defensive for most of this war, and in all liklihood, all of it.

                    If we survive, we'll want to sue for peace at the earliest possible moment to give us more time, so the goal, from what I can see having reviewed the information, is to make it so painful for them that peace becomes attractive....that starts in the looming battle for control of the Ivory. Our performance there, and in the next 4-6 turns will basically inform us how much longer (or shorter) the game will be for us.

                    It appears that our early war with Vox cost us dearly.

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                      As I said it would from the outset.

                      But, let bygones be bygones. I'm happy here.
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                        Thanks for the feedback Vel. In that case, I suggest that we let EotS grow, so that it can be simultaneously used as a settler pump and science city. The good news is the Heroic Epic is almost done.