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Apolytoners' Hall of Fame: March 2008

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  • Apolytoners' Hall of Fame: March 2008

    <b>Hello and welcome to another edition of the Apolytoners Hall of Fame!</b>

    <b>What is it?</b>
    The Apolytoners Hall of Fame (HoF) is a list of people who contributed a lot to the community here on Apolyton. <b>Every member of the Hall of Fame has made great contributions to Apolyton and the Civilization community - these people and their accomplishments must be remembered by us all!</b>

    If you don't recognize many names you probably haven't been here very long and/or hardly ever post outside this forum - in that case this HoF might be a good opportunity to learn something about them. <b>That is why this Hall of Fame was created: to remember and learn.</b>

    Periodically, we hold a vote for the Apolytoners who we think contribute the most to Apolyton, the ones who make Apolyton what it is. The winners shall be inducted in the Hall of Fame and their names will live forever in the annals of APOLYTON!

    The idea for the Hall of Fame was born in late 2000 as an outgrowth of the old Apolyton Army and Apolytoner of the Season Contests, seeking to honor the people of Apolyton in a more meaningful and structured way.

    The first edition was held in the Off Topic in December 2000 over a period of 3 days and is currently archived. The first election saw Markos and Dan, the owners and administrators of this site, and the first 10 posters inducted.

    Since then, the HoF vote has been held roughly 4 times a year with 11-14 total members being elected every year. Up until August 2002, the vote was held only in the Off Topic forum - from that time on it has been posted in other sections (first in Civ3, later also in SMAC, CtP1-MP, CtP2, etc).

    <b>This edition</b>
    Welcome to the March 2008 edition of the APOLYTONERS HALL OF FAME

    (3 Members to be inducted this session; Next Session: approx: July 2008 [2 elected then])
    (Around 9 total will be elected this year)
    You have approximately 22 days to vote [Until April 2nd).

    So now is your chance to decide: who should be inducted in the HoF this time?

    POST 2

    <b><u> 1) Rules for voting </u></b>

    Everyone can vote for 3 posters

    Hall of Fame Member- ** 6 points per vote
    Registered In 1998- 5 points per vote
    Registered In 1999- 5 points per vote
    Registered In 2000- 4 points per vote
    Registered In 2001- 4 points per vote
    Registered In 2002- 4 ** points per vote
    Registered In 2003- 3 points per vote
    Registered In 2004- 3 points per vote
    Registered In 2005- 2 points per vote
    Registered In 2006- 2 points per vote
    Registered In 2007- 2 ** points per vote
    Registered In 2008- 1 point per vote

    -You may not vote for yourself.
    -All 'frivolous' votes are thrown out.
    -Giving your vote to someone merely because they ask is considered a frivolous vote.
    -New as of March 2008, Hall of Fame Members get 6 points per vote.

    No vote changing once you have voted for someone; unless you accidentally voted for someone already in the hall.

    <b>You may only vote once in the hall of fame (for 3 people) IF you try to vote more than once ALL of your votes will be made void.</b>

    <b>Time Limit for voting is: ~22 Days for this time.</b>

    <b> 2) Amendments</b>

    <b>a) Purgings</b>

    Members will be purged from the voting rolls if they received 0 new votes in the month of election. This allows the hall to keep up-to-date, and keeps it from having to reset completely every month. Thus, the hall worthy posters will continue to gather votes day in and day out because their contributions to Apolyton are timeless.

    <b>b) Posthumous Inductions</b>

    In the regrettable case where a popular member has perished, the Hall of Fame has the ability to posthumously induct him/her into the hall based upon popular opinion. The first class of posthumous inductees (December 2003) included such forum greats as Tazidude, and Scouse Gits(2).

    <b>3) FAQ:</b>

    <b>Trust me, an on-topicer will never win</b>

    What about Xin Yu? Velociryx? Darsnan? As long there is a will, an on-topicer will be inducted.


    The Hall of Fame is based on whoever people vote for, and as Lazarus and the Gimp stated so eloquently: "The compilers of this list cannot rule out the possibility of inductees being a bunch of utter ****s" Thus: please don’t shoot the messenger.

    <b><I>Where is the Hall of Fame usually posted?</I></b>

    From December 2000 to August 2002, the Hall of Fame had only been posted in the Off Topic forums; with occasional forays into the Apolyton/Community section. However, nowadays you can find the Apolytoners hall of fame in the OT (main) Civ III (main), Civ IV (main) and with satellite threads that link into the hall of fame in the following sections: CTP II MP, Civ II-General or Creation, AC-General, CIV IV MP, and Civ III DemoGame sections.

    <i><b>”How long is voting?”</i></b>

    Voting will continue for roughly 22 days.

    <i><b>Why Do People who received no votes last time expire ?</i></b>

    Their votes expire and they are zeroed and kicked off the list because they were not found to be interesting at the time of the last vote or two. This is done so as to keep the hall clear…

    This new process certainly keeps the hall current (a la Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame)

    I was recommended not to carry over votes at all, but will continue that tradition, because we don’t merely want “flavor of the month” posters elected. The persons who should be elected to the hall should have contributed to the site over a long period of time.

    POST 3

    <b> 1) Hall of Fame Members</b>

    <B>Apolytoners' Hall of Fame Members -88</b>

    <b>December 2001</b> Adam Smith
    <b>June 2007</b> Aeson
    <b>December 2000</b> Alexander's Horse [The Apolyton Troll]
    <b>September 2004</b> alexman
    <b>December 2002</b> Asher
    <b>December 2005</b> Berzerker
    <b>December 2007</b> Blake
    <b>September 2007</b> Bloody Monk
    <b>December 2003</b> Boris Godunov
    <b>March 2001</b> Boshko (AKA Zhu Yuanzhang, Dave Boshko)
    <b>September 2007</b> Chaos Theory
    <b>December 2001</b> chegitz guevara
    <b>August 2002</b> Chris 62
    <b>December 2000</b> DanQ
    <b>December 2003</b> DanS
    <b>June 2005</b> DarkCloud
    <b>October 2006</b> Darsnan
    <b>June 2006</b> DaveV
    <b>May 2003</b> DinoDoc
    <b>December 2007</b> Dominae
    <b>September 2004</b> Dr. Nick (AKA El Awrence)
    <b>December 2005</b> Dr Strangelove
    <b>March 2002</b> Ecthy
    <b>March 2001</b> *End is Forever* (AKA Iain Lindley)
    <b>June 2001</b> EVC (AKA Evan VonChristof) [The Apolyton Daffy Duck] (Now present as Thorn)
    <b>December 2004</b> Googlie
    <b>December 2004</b> Kramsib
    <b>December 2002</b> KrazyHorse (AKA Frogger)
    <b>December 2000</b> Giant Squid (AKA Celestion the God, Alexander the Great)
    <b>September 2007</b> Grandpa Troll
    <b>December 2005</b> Harlan
    <b>August 2005</b> Immortal Wombat
    <b>January 2001</b> Imran Siddiqui
    <b>December 2003</b> Ixnay
    <b>June 2006</b> Jasev
    <b>March 2002</b> Jay Bee
    <b>March 2004</b> JohnT
    <b>December 2005</b> LaFayette
    <b>March 2001</b> Lancer
    <b>March 2001</b> Lazarus and the Gimp (AKA: Ron Jeremy, Bugs ****ing Bunny, Trappist)
    <b>January 2003</b> Locutus
    <b>December 2007</b> Loinburger
    <b>December 2000</b> Mao
    <b>December 2000</b> MarkG
    <b>August 2005</b> Master Zen
    <b>December 2000</b> MichaeltheGreat
    <b>December 2000</b> MikeH
    <b>December 2000</b> Ming
    <b>June 2001</b> Monk
    <b>December 2003</b> notyoueither
    <b>December 2003</b> oedo
    <b>January 2003</b> orange
    <b>October 2006</b> OzzyKP
    <b>June 2005</b> Paddy the Scot
    <b>June 2002</b> paiktis22 (AKA Bereta_Eder)
    <b>May 2003</b> Paul
    <b>December 2000</b> Provost Harrison (AKA AI)
    <b>March 2002</b> rah
    <b>December 2001</b> Ramo
    <b>December 2003</b> Reismark
    <b>December 2000</b> Roland
    <b>December 2004</b> Samson
    <b>March 2004</b> Scouse Gits
    <b>December 2003</b> Scouse Gits (2)
    <b>August 2002</b> Sirotnikov
    <b>June 2007</b> Skanky Burns
    <b>March 2007</b> Slow Thinker
    <b>December 2002</b> Slowwhand
    <b>December 2001</b> Snapcase
    <b>June 2001</b> SnowFire
    <b>September 2004</b> Solo
    <b>March 2007</b> Solver
    <b>June 2007</b> Soren Johnson FIRAXIS
    <b>September 2004</b> Spiffor
    <b>June 2001</b> Starchild
    <b>June 2001</b> Stefu
    <b>January 2001</b> Stewart Spink
    <b>December 2000</b> St Leo
    <b>June 2001</b> SuperSneak
    <b>December 2003</b>Tazidude
    <b>June 2002</b> TCO (AKA GP)
    <b>June 2005</b> Ted Striker
    <b>June 2006</b> Theseus
    <b>May 2003</b> Trip
    <b>December 2003</b> UnOrthOdOx
    <b>March 2004</b> War4ever
    <b>December 2001</b> Wraith
    <b>March 2002</b> Velociryx
    <b>March 2002</b> yin26
    <b>December 2000</b> Yo_Yo_Yo_Hey
    <b>June 2002</b> Xin Yu
    <b>June 2006</b> Yaroslav
    <b>May 2003</b> Zylka


    <b> 3) Chronologically</b>
    DanQ <b>December 2000</b> (Honorary Inductee)
    MarkG <b>December 2000</b> (Honorary Inductee)
    Ming <b>December 2000</b>
    MikeH <b>December 2000</b>
    MichaeltheGreat <b>December 2000</b>
    Mao <b>December 2000</b>
    Alexander's Horse <b>December 2000</b>
    Giant_Squid <b>December 2000</b>
    Provost Harrison <b>December 2000</b>
    Roland <b>December 2000</b>
    Yo_Yo_Yo_Hey <b>December 2000</b>
    St. Leo <b>December 2000</b>

    Imran Siddiqui <B>January 2001</b>
    Stewart Spink <b>January 2001</b>
    Lancer <b>March 2001</b>
    Lazarus and the Gimp <b>March 2001</b>
    *End is Forever*<b>March 2001</b>
    Boshko <b>March 2001</b>
    EVC/Thorn <b>June 2001</b>
    Monk <B>June 2001</b>
    Snowfire <B>June 2001</b>
    Starchild <B>June 2001</b>
    SuperSneak <b>June 2001</b>
    Stefu <B>June 2001</b>
    Adam Smith <b> December 2001</b>
    chegitz guevara <b>December 2001</b>
    Ramo <b>December 2001</b>
    Snapcase <b>December 2001</b>
    Wraith <b>December 2001</b>

    rah <b>March 2002</b>
    yin26 <b>March 2002</b>
    Ecthy <b>March 2002</b>
    Jay Bee <b>March 2002</b>
    Velociryx <b>March 2002</b>
    Xin Yu <b>June 2002</b>
    TCO/GP <b>June 2002</b>
    paiktis22 <b>June 2002</b>
    Chris 62 <b>August 2002</b>
    Sirotnikov <b>August 2002</b>
    KrazyHorse <b>December 2002</b>
    Asher <b>December 2002</b>
    Slowwhand <b>December 2002</b>

    orange <b>January 2003</b>
    Locutus <b> January 2003</b>
    Trip <B>May 2003</b>
    Paul <b>May 2003</b>
    DinoDoc <b>May 2003</b>
    Zylka <b>May 2003</b>
    Tazidude <b>May 2003</b> (Posthumous Inductee)
    Scouse Gits(2) <b>May 2003</b> (Posthumous Inductee)
    oedo <b>December 2003</b>
    Boris Godunov <b>December 2003</b>
    ixnay <b>December 2003</b>
    Reismark <b>December 2003</b>
    UnOrthOdOx <b>December 2003</b>
    DanS <b>December 2003</b>
    notyoueither <b>December 2003</b>

    JohnT <b>March 2004</b>
    Scouse Gits <b>March 2004</b>
    War4ever <b>March 2004</b>
    Dr. Nick <b>September 2004</b>
    Spiffor <b>September 2004</b>
    Solo <b>September 2004</b>
    Alexman <b>September 2004</b>
    Samson <b>December 2004</b>
    Googlie <b>December 2004</b>
    Kramsib <b>December 2004</b>

    Ted Striker <b>June 2005</b><
    DarkCloud <b>June 2005</b>
    Paddy the Scot <b>June 2005</b>
    Immortal Wombat <b>August 2005</b>
    Master Zen <b>August 2005</b>
    LaFayette <b>December 2005</b>
    Berzerker <b>December 2005</b>
    Harlan <b>December 2005</b>
    Dr Strangelove <b>December 2005</b>

    Jasev <b>June 2006</b>
    Theseus <b>June 2006</b>
    DaveV <b>June 2006</b>
    Yaroslav <b>June 2006</b>
    Darsnan <b>October 2006</b>
    OzzyKP <b>October 2006</b>

    Solver <b>March 2007</b>
    Slow Thinker <b>March 2007</b>
    Skanky Burns <b>June 2007</b>
    Aeson <b>June 2007</b>
    Soren Johnson<b> June 2007</b> (Honorary Inductee)
    Chaos Theory <b> September 2007</b> (Posthumous Inductee)
    Bloody Monk <b> September 2007</b>
    Grandpa Troll <b>September 2007</b>
    Blake <b>December 2007</B>
    Dominae <b>December 2007</b>
    Loinburger <b>December 2007</b>


    <b>4) Sorted by Year Registered</b><br />
    <br />
    <b>1998 (31)</b><br />
    <a href="">Ming</a><br />
    <a href="">MarkG</a><br />
    <a href="">Imran Siddiqui</a><br />
    <a href=">Alexander ’s Horse</a><br />
    <a href="">*End is Forever*</a><br />
    <a href="">DanQ</a><br />
    <a href="">DaveV</a><br />
    <a href="">Dr Strangelove</a><br />
    <a href="">Jay Bee</a><br />
    <A href="">St. Leo</a><br />
    <a href="">Snowfire </a><br />
    <a href="">Starchil d</a><br />
    <a href="">rah</a><br />
    <a href="">GP/TCO</a><br />
    <a href="">Xin Yu</a><br />
    <A href="">Michaelt heGreat</a><br />
    <a href="">Giant_Squ id</a><br />
    <a href="">Monk</a><br />
    <a href="">Reismark </a><br />
    <a href="">Boshko</a><br />
    <a href="">Stefu</a><br />
    <a href="">ixnay</a><br />
    <a href="">Harlan</a><br />
    <a href="">Adam Smith</a><br />
    <a href="">DanS</a><br />
    <a href="">Lazarus and the Gimp</a><br />
    <a href="">War4ever </a><br />
    <a href="">alexman</a><br />
    <a href="">Ted Striker</a><br />
    Stewart Spink<br />
    Yo_Yo_Yo_Hey<br />
    <br />
    <b>1999 (22)</b><br />
    <a href="">JohnT</a> (Mar 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Paul </a> (Mar 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Velociry x</a> (April 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Lancer</a> (April 1999)<br />
    <a href="">yin26</a> (April 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Googlie</a> (April 1999)<br />
    <a href="">MikeH</a> (May 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Berzerk er</a> (May 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Mao</a> (June 1999)<br />
    <a href="">loinburg er</a> (July 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Wraith</a> (Aug 1999)<br />
    DinoDoc (sept 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Slowwhan d</a> (Sept 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Dr. Nick</a> (Sept 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Ramo</a> (Oct 1999)<br />
    <a href=>OzzyKP</a> (Oct 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Asher </a> (Nov 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Locutus</a> (Nov 1999)<br />
    <a href="">Scouse Gits</a> (Nov 1999)<br />
    Tazidude (?)<br />
    Snapcase<br />
    Roland<br />
    <a href="">EVC/Thorn</a> (1999)<br />

    <b>2000 (15)</b><br />
    <a href="">Slow Thinker (Jan 2000/Feb 2001)</a>
    <a href="">Provost Harrison</a> (Feb 2000)
    <a href="">oedo</a> (Feb 2000)
    <a href="">Sirotnik ov</a> (Feb 2000)
    <a href="">orange</a> (Feb 2000)
    <a href="">Ecthy</a> (Mar 2000)
    <a href="">Zylka</a> (May 2000)
    <a href="">chegitz guevara</a> (june 2000)
    <a href="">SuperSne ak</a> (June 2000)
    <a href="">DarkClou d </a> (July 2000)
    <a href="">Solver </a>(September 2000)
    <a href="">paiktis2 2</a> (Oct 2000)
    <a href="">Blake</a> (Oct 2000)
    <a href="">LaFayett e </a>(Oct 2000)
    <a href="">Immortal Wombat</a> (Dec 2000)

    <B>2001 (15)</b>
    <a href="">Chris 62</a> (jan 2001)
    <a href="">Solo</a> (jan 2001)
    <a href="">Jasev</a> (feb 2001)
    <a href="">Paddy the Scot</a> (Mar 2001)
    <a href="">samson </a> (April 2001)
    <a href="">Frogger/KrazyHorse</a> (may 2001)
    <a href="">Soren Johnson</a> (may 2001)
    <a href="”>Bloody Monk</a> (May 2001)
    <a href="">Yarosla v</a> (June 2001)
    <a href="">notyoue ither</a> (aug 2001)
    <a href="">Skanky Burns</a> (aug 2001)
    <a href="">Boris Godunov</a> (aug 2001)
    <a href="">Kramsib </a> (Sept 2001)>
    <a href="">Spiffor </a> (Nov 2001)
    Aeson</a> (Nov 2001)
    <a href=>Darsnan</a> (Dec 2001)

    <b>2002 (4)</b>
    <a href="">Dominae </a> (Jan 2002)
    <a href="">Trip</a> (april 2002)
    <a href="">Theseus </a> (april 2002)
    <a href="">UnOrthO dOx</a> (June 2002)

    <b>2003 (1)</b><br />
    <a href="">Master Zen</a> (January 2003)
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    Current Voting

    PLACE...Name.... Total Votes...(VOTES THIS ROUND)

    1.) Kassiopeia 261 (xx)
    2.) WesW 259 (xx)
    3.) Buster 232 (xx)

    Niessuh 231 (xx)

    Molly Bloom 220 (xx)
    hexagonian 219 (xx)

    LordShiva 201 (xx)

    Hydro 199 (6)
    Mercator 194 (6)

    PLATO 183 (xx)
    DrSpike 182 (xx)

    deity 171 (xx)

    Dis [Dissident] 156 (xx)

    snoopy369 140 (xx)

    Techumseh 135 (xx)
    ChrisiusMaximus 130 (xx)
    jm_ruiz 131 (xx)

    Bongo 121 (xx)

    Jamski 118 (xx)
    Alfonso 114 ( xx )
    joncha 111 ( xx )

    Sn00py 107 ( xx )
    Arrian 106 ( xx )
    Illuminatus 106 ( xx )
    Beta 103 ( xx )

    Chilean President 99 ( xx )
    cavebear 90 ( xx )
    Alinestra Covelia 87 (xx)
    Tiamat 87 ( xx )

    Boann 75 (xx)
    Martin Gühmann 74 ( xx )

    vmxa1 67 ( xx )
    korn469 64 (6)
    Eyes of Night) StarLightDeath) 62 (xx)

    Mrs. Tuberski 67 (xx)
    Astrologix 67 (xx)
    rjmatsleepers 60 (xx)

    Smacksim 59 (xx)
    Heresson 58 (xx)
    Gerar Dean 57 (xx)
    Maniac 57 (xx)
    Rasbelin 55 (xx)
    Manolo 55 (xx)
    Dauphin 53 (xx)
    Ben Kenobi 52 (xx)

    Shi Huangdi 45 ( xx )

    Elephant 38 (xx)
    Peaster 38 (xx)
    Frank Johnson 38 ( xx )
    Cybershy 38 (xx)
    GePap 37 (xx)
    Smiley 37 ( xx )
    Nikolai 37 (xx)
    conmcb25 36 ( xx )
    Boco 36 ( xx )
    playshogi 35
    Drake Tungsten 34 (xx)
    Six Thousand Year Old Man 34 (xx)
    dale 33 (xx)
    Rob Worham 31 (xx)
    fromafar 30 (xx)
    Nugog 30 (xx)

    Carloquillo 27 (xx)
    Harry Tuttle 24 (xx)

    Saygame 23 (xx)
    Magno_uy 23 (xx)
    Guynemer 21 (xx)

    Sir Ralph 19 (xx)
    BeBro 18 (xx)
    fairline 16 (xx)
    JungleIII 16 (xx)
    StrayBow 16 (xx)

    Strollen 15 (xx)
    Tism 13 (xx)
    Petek 13 (xx)
    kaak 13 (xx)
    7Wittlich 10 (xx)
    jbp26 10 (xx)
    zed64 10 (xx)
    AGRICOLA 10 (xx)
    monozulu 10 (xx)

    pmonsieurs 9 (xx)
    curtsibling 8 (xx)
    Krill 8 (xx)
    Makahlua 6 (xx)
    Ms_Summer 6 (xx)
    Spec 6 (xx)
    AAHZ/Bauzer 6 (xx)
    Trev 5 (xx)
    Riesstiu IV 5 (xx)
    Lord of the Mark 5 (xx)
    Lorizael 5 (xx)
    Cattivan 5 (xx)

    MOBIUS 4 (xx)
    0Fogy 4 (xx)
    Misotu 4 (xx)
    Tuberski 4 (xx)
    Marcus 3 (xx)
    Japher 3 (xx)
    reiswind 3 (xx)
    Captjack2307 3 (xx)
    yagamann24 3 (xx)
    ColdPhoenix 3 (xx)
    Shalkai 3 (xx)
    Cyrion 3 (xx)
    Wigalf 3 (xx)
    Aidun 2 (xx)
    Maeve 2 (xx)
    LaTuFu 1 (xx)
    chrisHill 1 (xx)

    2) Who voted for Whom
    (over xxx posters have voted for xxx candidates)

    DarkCloud voted for: Hydro (6), Mercator (6), Korn469 (6)
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      Good luck. We really appreciate your votes and/or questions.

      Biographies of Hall of Famers:
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