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  • Availibility in Japan

    Um, anybody know about a Japanese localization of this game?

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    Oh yes, I got it yesterday! but I ordered through EB Games.

    It only took 3 days to get here, but you gotta throw in $30 more for shipping. I heard some others got it through for around 7000 yen.

    In any case you better wait, cuz I spent five hours yesterday trying to get it running properly and still all I get is that "Black Map and Cheshire Smile Leader" effect on the game so I can't play it.

    Plus, the dreaded French tree was inside, together with mislabeled discs, in any case, I've heard that if you have a super computer you can actually play it, but also even some VAIOS won't do.

    I guess I'll just wait for the patches to come out if any.


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      Well got it on Nov 31 in S Honshu.....try
      all in Japanese ..the delivery selection is by pay them at the door when received ...they usually ship same day as order received can do by internet easy.

      As for playability after reading threads was more than a little worried myself as old min specs video card ...and when loading was nervous said doesnt meet requirements but think it failed to recognize some Japanese drivers...but must report has run wqith no problem in game 3 meduim up to 1850 at present as yet not one problem...


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        Of course you mean the web page above is in Japanese, not the game?

        I have had problems getting many games to run on my Lavie NEC laptop, although thank god civ II always worked.

        Do you mean that you got it on Oct. 31st? I would give this gamers-inn a shot, if I can pay cash at the door. If that doesn't work, can I find it in Akihabara?
        Ants. An MGE scenario


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          Thanks so much for posting about that gamers-inn website! I just ordered the DVD version from there for only 5980yen, which is a great price! I didn't even think I could get english versions of games in Japan.

          And knowing the Japanese delivery and distribution system, I'll probably receive it tomorrow. Can't wait!