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18 quid? 28 oct? Is this a joke?

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  • 18 quid? 28 oct? Is this a joke?

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    Well the price is not a joke. They have not updated the delivery date which should be November 4th.
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      US Version on CD, not on DVD has updated its article about the system requirements. It sais

      Update: Produzent Barry Caudill informiert uns, dass Civ4 in den USA nicht wie in Deutschland und Großbritannien auf DVD, sondern auf 2 CDs erscheint. Danke, Barry!
      Translated: "Update: Producer Barry Caudill informs us that in the USA, in contrast to Germany and UK, Civ 4 won't be delivered on DVD but on 2 CDs instead. Thanks, Barry!"

      This is quite clear. So I guess US-Americans will not need a DVD-drive...


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        Well I may as well go for that one...and who knows, it may be released on that day. I've tried doing it internationally before, but by the time all the screwing around with international shipping is done (last time the delivery firm made an utter pigs ear of it, claiming they had rang me when they quite clearly had not and called at times when they again, quite clearly had not, I will just order it from the UK...
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