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  • The Essential Civ3 List

    i dont think we have a "clean"(no other comments etc) thread with the EC3 list, so here it is

    The EC3 List

    <a href="">1. Trade - 105</a>
    <a href="">2. Diplomacy - 86</a>
    <a href="">3. Make It Harder For Civs To Last - 73</a>
    <a href="">4. Comprehensive Scenario Editor - 72</a>
    <a href="">5. Improved Road & Rail Rules - 72</a>

    New Ideas
    <a href="">1. Rise and fall of Empires - 75</a>
    <a href="">2. Domestic Politics - 63</a>
    <a href="">3. New Modes of Victory - 52</a>
    <a href="">4. Energy - 48</a>
    <a href="">5. Stacking - 46 TIE</a>
    <a href="">5. Religion - 46 TIE</a>

    others receiving votes

    <a href="">6. Bring Back News Reports - 52</a>
    <a href="">7. No more Instant City Conversions - 52</a>
    <a href="">8. Amazing City Veiw - 42</a>
    <a href="">9. Faster Smoother Graphics/Interface - 35</a>
    <a href="">10. Multiplayer Startup Option - 26</a>

    New Ideas
    <a href="">7. Open Source AI - 44</a>
    <a href="">8. Expanding City Radius - 43</a>
    <a href="">9. Detailed Replay - 41</a>
    <a href="">10. Hex Based Map - 40</a>
    <a href="">11. Simultaneous Turns of Play - 36</a>
    <a href="">11. Different Levels of Cities - 36</a>
    <a href="">13. Recruitment System - 29</a>
    <a href="">14. Automatic Patrolling - 23</a>
    <a href="">15. Tourism - 20</a>

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    I've been on these boards for a long time and I still don't know what to think when it comes to you -- FrantzX, December 21, 2001

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      Good work MarkG!
      Rome rules


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        Thanks Large!

        I just printed it out.

        My reach exceeds my grasp!
        My Reach always exceeds my Grasp...


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          Wow, good work Mark.


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            any multiplayer issues amnongst all that... that list looks mostly like AI alteratiosn or game play additions, any votes for a better Multipalyer game .....
            GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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              Although the lists (yours and everyone elses') looks right on the money, I am not one of those Capt. Jim Kirk problem solvers (Star Trek II, when he said he re-programmed the simulator so it was possible to win). I have little interest in the AI. I do enjoy some mods that add extra characters or civs, but I don't follow scenarios or try to hit the highest score. What I want in the next Civ is enjoyment:

              1. Eye candy. Go back to live video (not animated)
              2. Relative sounds. Face it, sometimes sounds don't seem to coordinate
              with action properly. Maybe when a unit is on the railroad the sound
              changes to train sounds (or whatever).
              3. Even more creative cities. Although it wasn't crucial to the game, the
              ability to view a city's additions from afar personalize the game a bit
              more. I also miss being able to place the workers where I want.
              4. Simplicity. You power hitters out there may enjoy going to the highest
              level and pulverizing countries faster and faster. That may be why
              you like to redesign the AI. I like playing out the game like The Sims
              or SIM City. Build and watch the results. CTPII doesn't implement
              some of the most fun things until you are at the medium level, like
              5. Music to my ears. I love the music played in the background the first
              half-dozen times I hear it. Problem (besides getting old, quick) is
              I can't find a good balance to hear music and still be able to hear
              all the sounds and voices clearly. Plus, instead of burning up my
              CD-Rom playing it continuously, make 'em MP3's and play them buffered.
              6. More positive rewards. The very small windowed and lack-lustered
              Wonder movies in CTPII bugged me. And I'm not sure the benefit from
              some of the Wonders exactly matched the wonder. And what happened to
              Leonardo's Workshop?

              Again, all this gets back to the one thing not discussed much: The pizzaz.
              Am I the only one who liked the WOW of the original Sid designs?
              There is no such thing as nothing!


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                "8. Amazing City Veiw - 42"

                Now that is funny.
                My brand new sig, written by Mr MarkG. (he didn't like the one about Ming being a goofy toofy.

                "ok, fine.
                from now on, i can refer to this thread whenever someone mentions acol as a place of freedom where you can post whatever you want and where noone is banned...."

                and by MikeH
                she's only illegal because of your ridiculous age of consent ages.


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                  I didn't know you even visited these forums, Ackitty.
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                    Hey, thanks MarkG you just gave me something to do this week. I'm going to read it all considering I wasn't here back in the day. I'm kind of one of the newbies.
                    However, it is difficult to believe that 2 times 2 does not equal 4; does that make it true? On the other hand, is it really so difficult simply to accept everything that one has been brought up on and that has gradually struck deep roots – what is considered truth in the circle of moreover, really comforts and elevates man? Is that more difficult than to strike new paths, fighting the habitual, experiencing the insecurity of independence and the frequent wavering of one’s feelings and even one’s conscience, proceeding often without any consolation, but ever with the eternal goal of the true, the beautiful, and the good? - F.N.


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                      Thanks Mark

                      Good job - but what happened to Ming's list of cheats?
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                      Look, I just don't anymore, okay?


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                        they wernet cheats, just finely tuned strategies, just ask Eyes and co
                        GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                          what is a cheat anyway, according to those people?