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    why does everyone say "bump"


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      Hi all!

      How do you like this?
      I always hated that fighter can act like bombers but can also return in he same turn. They all should only can attack once per turn but still return to their base. But how to intercept fighters or bombers then?

      Here is my idea:
      What if you place let's say 2 fighters in once City. The bombers are approaching and as soon as they enter the city radious (we all know the fields around a city) the fighters get aloft. And the closer the Bombers come, the more damage they get. Everyone knows what I mean? And if you escort your bombers with some fighters only your fighters and your enemies interceptors will get the damage as long as there are escorts. Then the bombers will be hit. Next thing is that Bombers shouldn't destroy units... they should destroy only buildings. Only fighters should be able to attack units.

      I hope I explained my idea so everyone can understand it. If not please ask whatever you want. I have hundreds of Answers here

      Master Mika
      Probably the best player ever
      Master Mika
      Probably the best player ever ;)


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        Hi, Mika, sorry for the late reply but this forum doesn't get the attention it used to. I understand where you are coming from. Others have complained about the ability of bombers to hang in the air for 2 turns and suggested how to escort &/or intercept them if they are allowed to immediately return to base. I would suggest you look under the last COMBAT summary under "Air Combat" and see anything you like, or wish to enhance further. Thanks!
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          Jer8m8, bumping simply means that the thread is bumped to the top of the page. People who bump a thread simply keep it visible so that when you have "Show topics from last 5 days" selected, you still have easy access to the thread.
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            only thing, this thread is always at the top
            it doesnt need bumping

            and people, please leave this thread clean of post that have nothing to do with the thread. this is just a thread listing links to the various summaries



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              MarkG is right this thread does not need fixing on the top.
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                Ive heard some Crazy Suggestions......Like types of tanks , Bombshelters,AA-Defenses , units no one has ever heard of... But really Every Problem with Civ2 AI was fixed in TOT. The AI is simply as perfect as Most people could have wanted.But what we all really wanted were Mplayer Servers.Somthing Microsofts Zone totally Screwed up....Big time. Zones Constant Ad bombardments and Ad paging makes it impossible to play a full game. What we want is Firaxis to make a Mp Server....Like Craptivisions CTP and CTP ones. I must admit there MP made the game worth buying.Even tho single player was a complete waste of time. We want MP Servers ! Not LAN / Not IP connect. MP servers Like Craptivisions "USAlink and" that people simply meet each other for the first time.

                Btw: Keep Stacks Outlawed rom Civ3 !!
                i hear alotta "complaints" that they want stacks.....I say Keep them out !
                it makes the game that much more harder without them


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                  The governments shoud be set with two characteristics (and not be a government right away). The Characteristics would be:

                  1 - Politics- The way the government rules(The civ start withall of this choices) and it could be:

                  *Democratic Monarchy (Parlamentarism - like england today
                  *Democratic Republic (Like most countries including USA)
                  *Absolute Monarch (Like the Modern age states with onipotent kings)
                  *Absolute Republic (Military Dictatorship - Like the ones that happened in the 1970s in Latin America)

                  2 - Economics- The ways of production,( must reseach it) it could be:

                  *Subsistence- The tribal government based on family society (gentility comunity) the one you start with. no units
                  *Slavism- A societ like the roman empire and greece. unit Slaver
                  *Feudalism- Like the Medieval Europe. unit Cruzaders or Feudal Sir
                  *Fundamentalism- Like in theocracies based on god's will. unit Cleric
                  *Capitalism- Money is everithing like usa. unit ctp's Corporative Branch
                  *Comunism- like the economy in URSS. unit Comunit Chief
                  *Liberalism- big companies rules. unit Multinacional Company
                  *Ambientalism- protect the enviromental. unit Pollution Cleaner
                  And other economic choices could be created

                  We could have governments like
                  ................... + Subsistence - pre-historical govern
                  Democratic Monarchy + Capitalism - England today
                  Democratic republic + Slavism - Athens in the past
                  Democratic republic + Capitalism - USA today
                  Absolute Monarchy + Comunism - URSS
                  Democratic Republic + Comunism - Marx Ideal government
                  Absolute Monarchy + Feudalism - Medieval Europe
                  There wouldnt be a government called Anarchy because it never existed (It sounds really stupidy a government that has no govern)
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                    Settlers have bad gameplay because there will come a time when the civ will have a army of settlers that changes all the terrain and is going to just wait the tecnology to upgrade the tile improvments. living the terrain unbelievely changed. And for manies is boring to leave the settlers waiting or moving them.
                    Public Workers arent realistic. where does it come from? What is it in real life? the govern is stealing the workers and products from the factories? i dont see that in real life, only in the comunism anyway. Although it has good gameplay

                    So what how to leave realistic and with good gameplay? I see two options for that.

                    1- What about instead of public workers, money speaks louder? This way there is not going create a new concept in civilization series. And is tottaly realistic, the civs do spend money to create terrain improvments dont they? and the gameplay is as good as public workers.

                    2- Lets combo the ideas. The settlers still are the modifiers of the terrain and the creators of the tile improvments. But nothing is free. So to make each modification by the settlers we have to spent money on it, after all there are people that like to move then(like me).This way we limit the "settlers army"(why having all the workers you can get but dont having any money) and becames even more realistic then th first option( now we need money and someone who works). and there is no need for new concepts.
                    I play CTP2 Now! And my Login is Pedrunn (with 2 n's).


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                      Thanks Ming

                      Gotta love those cheats
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                        what are you on abouit now AH... ????
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