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    Father Beast,

    I don't recall where it says energy would be required for an exploring warrior -- not that it shouldn't be, necessarily -- see Krauter's recent post. But I think you are right that strident energy requirements for early units would be a mistake, and I hope I didn't imply that.

    As far as ICS prevention in the early game, imo it should at least remain technically possible -- at an extreme cost. I don't think it will remain possible in the final analysis, what with other suggestions for ICS prevention. But as far as tying expansion and infrastructure support to energy consumption, I still support it in both early and late game.


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      Suggestion: Prevention of ICS could be overcome by a variable efficiency of energy use: a very small city is not able to survive because infrastucture to convert energy and to sustain living is missing. For example: The eskimos have an optimum size of a tribe: with less people no Iglus, huts, fireplaces cannot be built and hunting is very difficult, with more people the resources get less.


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        Whats happening to this forum ?
        I think the suggestions are worth an implementation.

        ...happy Christmas


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          Shall I give an overview about the proposals and the ratings on renewable energy and energy modelling ?
          (the texts above are a bit confusing I think)


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            Krauter: The poles have the highest wind speeds on the planet. The storms up there are infact so fierce that you can't build a windmills of any sort that can stand up to the weather there.

            On a futuristic note.
            Scientist have just recently begin to explore the kind of energy that is holding the very fabric of the universe together. This energy is called "Zero point energy". It is everywhere and could possibly be utilized anywhere if we are able to develop the technology. One of the things they dream of making with this enery is WARP drives! That's how powerful it is.
            You know the question, just as I did.
            What is the matrix?