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  • City Improvements version 3.0 hosted by ME

    Alright folks, here’s what I did- I listed a bunch of city improvements. Section 1 is a list of city improvements and their functions (often the name or function is missing, though). Some have details on how much the improvement costs and when it becomes available, some have nothing but a name. Section 2 is on theory, or everything that doesn’t mention a specific city improvement.

    1. City Improvements Ideas

    1. A CI like Recycling Tanks would be required to receive full use from a city square, otherwise the city square produces reduced resources.

    2. 3 levels of city walls:
    a. Barricades, available right off the bat. Costs 40 shields, doubles defense, doesn’t protect population.
    b. City walls, cost 80 shields, exactly like the current city walls.
    c. Fortifications, cost 120 shields, available with Labor Union or something. Doubles defense against conventional and Howitzer attacks, provides +50% defense against air attacks. Protects population.

    3. Underground improvements like underground factories. Increased cost and often a reduced functionability, but much more difficult to destroy with a strategic bomber (see Units and Combat).

    4. Military Base: Actually a terrain improvement, but it’s a place where you can build city walls, air defense, airports, SDI Defense, Psi-Gates, and all sorts of fun improvements that usually don’t find their way out in the field.

    5. Sanitation System: Advanced sewers (the ancients had sewers, we’ve got a sanitation system.)

    6. Harbor: Early Port Facility

    7. Port Facility: Repairs ships (required for building some ships, maybe), provides Trade revenue from sea trade and increases sea food trade/food/mineral production.

    8. Launch Facility: Kinda like an airport, but launches satellites and rockets.

    9. Caravanserai, Warehouse, Depot: Progressive city improvements that MUST be in every city that a trade route passes through.

    10. Supermarket, Shopping Mall: Influence Income, Happiness, Growth.

    11. Container Port: Containerized Shipping facility. GREATLY increases benefits of trade from air, land, and sea.

    12. Academy, University, Science Park, Library, Museum, Publishing House, Observatory: All of these improve the research being harnessed at the city, sometimes providing specific improvements and not just a “+10% research” improvement. For example, the Publishing House and Library would provide the greatest research improvement in a Democratic society, while in a Fundamentalist society they would actually REDUCE research but would make the populace happier. Additionally, improvements like “Physics lab, Biology lab, Chemistry lab, etc.” can be made to provide a flat +5% bonus to research, plus an additional +20% to research in that improvement’s specialty field.

    13. Mill, Factory, Integrated Manufacturing Plant, Robotic Factory: Incremental increases to production.

    14. Temple, Cathedral, Theater, Colosseum, Stadium, Movie Palace, Broadcasting Station: Improve happiness.

    15. Drill Field, Barracks, Maneuver Area: One per era. Ancient armies used Drill Fields, Early Modern armies used a Barracks, and Modern armies use Maneuver Areas for training.

    16. Hospital: Increases health and happiness, helps research in Biology.

    17. Water Works: Advanced Aqueduct.

    2. Theory

    1. Improvements have a synergistic effect with one another, making specialization something to be sought after. Example: Say there’s a library, a university, and a research lab, each of which increases research by 25%. The city with the library will have a +25% research bonus. The city with the library and the university will have a +55% research bonus (25% * 2 + another 5% for the synergistic effect). The city with the library, the university, and the research lab will have a +90% research bonus (25% * 3 + another 5% for the first synergistic effect + another 10% for a second synergistic effect). This can be further applied to improvements affecting defense, production, happiness, etc.

    2. It should be possible to work on two (or more) city improvements at once (as well as units). Perhaps there could be a city improvement that allows this.

    3. Structures should have hit points. Sappers, saboteurs, catapults, conquest, floods, riots, improper upkeep, etc. will all damage a structure. Structures will be automatically repaired at a rate of about 3% per turn, and additional gold/shields can be spent to speed up the repair process. Two options: A sliding scale should be used to determine the functionability of a structure (every 20% of damage reduces structural effeciency by 15%, until the structure is destroyed), or else a straight scale of 0-49% damage = fully functional, 50-99% damage = disabled, 100% damage = destroyed can be used. Repairing a structure in the 0-49% range will cost 1 gold per 2 damage or 1 shield per 4 damage. Repairing a structure that has at any point fallen into the 50-99% range without being fully repaired will cost double for repairs. Any structure that has fallen into the range of 80-99% damage will no longer be automatically repaired.
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    Well, here's the summary. I'll be revising it as time allows, probably use a few hours on Saturday to fine tune it and add the names of all of the contributors. If there's something huge that I've missed let me know so that I'll be sure to add it.
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      O.K. It's in the list! Great work. If you update it soon, please send me an e-mail so I don't miss it...

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        I propose a graveyard/cemetery improvement.If you don't build one when your pop starts having deaths you end up with a dead stash.The larger it gets, the bigger are city's chances for an epidemic disease(e.g. plague)


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          Graveyard could become available with ceremonial burial.I also suggest for improvement,the brothel roduces income and happiness but also crime.Ancient version(with no crime)would be Aphrodite's Temple.