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EC3 New Idea #33 - Intercivilization Components

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  • EC3 New Idea #33 - Intercivilization Components

    by Jon Miller

    <center><table width=80%><tr><td><font color=000080 face="Verdana" size=2><font size="1">quote:
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    </font>I would like to see more intercivilization components of the game. That is the weakness that the long empires and ics exploit, that control of your own civ is too easy. I would suggest greatly complicate the interior model with a much more elaborate governing system and citizen system. Where you are not garunteed of the control of your citizens and it is hard to keep it. This idea would provide a whole new range of choices and strategi options (including affecting foreign populations) for the Napolean in all of us.

    Also I would like to say that while this is a good idea it is tooo late probably and should not be sent with mandate and maybe should not invlude grand ideas like the one I just mentioneed.

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    I had horrid spelling and grammer that night. And my comment was with regards to the whole esential list idea.

    Jon Miller
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