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  • EC3 New Idea #7 - FAST GRAPHICS


    "Make the graphics move fast. No slowdowns, none, no matter how many units or cities or whatever graphics items are on screen. FAST, get it? Thanks."

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    I'd still like to see animated gifs for units...
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      I don't think fast graphics would exclude animated units.


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        if asked why out of the five things to put on the new ideas thread why would this idea belong? what are the greatest strength in adding this idea? and what if any weaknesses or exploits does this idea have?

        so basically you want civ3 to have fast code, not only should the graphics not slow down, the game shouldn't ever slow down either right? (well except for some extream cases)


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          this idea does not belong in The Essential Civ3 New Ideas fits in the Fixes thread. i am closing this thread and encourage you to resubmit it in the appropriate thread. closing this thread is not saying that the idea is bad, it is just saying that it is in the wrong list...

          sorry for the inconvenience



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            Actually I had a reason to submit my idea in the "new ideas" category. Sluggish graphics is a big problem in SMAC, but not really in CIV2. If CIV3 was a direct sequel of SMAC, my proposal would clearly belong to the Fixes. But it isn't, CIV3 is a sequel of CIV2. That was the reason.

            But I can resubmit if your decision holds, korn...


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              What are the strengths... Well, SMAC is an example how horribly sluggish graphics and interface can ruin an otherwise excellent game. I'd really want to like SMAC but whenever I start a new game, soon after the first few dozen turns it starts to feel more and more like a burden instead of fun. Every damn unit seems to take seconds to move! I don't understand how some people can play SMAC on huge maps with zillion cities and units, for me small maps are the largest tolerable. Consequently, I regard SMAC only a barely good game instead of brilliant. I'm glad to hear that the first thing Firaxis did when they started designing CIV3 was to throw out SMAC's graphics engine. My proposal is there to remind them that they should pay special attention to make the new graphics/interface really FAST and snappy, and in no case repeat SMAC's failure or be satisfied with mediocre solutions.

              I don't mean that overall game time should be extremely short or game elements like AI should be compromised. It'll be all fine with me if a game of CIV3 will take several evenings. I just want the graphics/interface to do its' job fast and smoothly so I can fully enjoy the game itself.


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                This idea has now been resubmitted in Fixes.