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      I think a lot of good stuff has been put out here. I think SnowFire put the best ideas forward. But i see where a lot of people are coming from about FW's editor. I have to admit that making scenarios were tedious but didn't think anything of it because there were no other hames i did scenarios. I did eventualy get Age of Empires and it has a lot of elements like SnowFire describe. To rehash (and add a little):

      Paininting the terrain was great, but I also like the replace method mentioned.

      Special Resources instead of being dictated in only certain spacing (its annoying when building a map) should be placeable like AOE where you plop it down so you can have them however close or far you want them. (there's more to add to this but i figure it goes in the terrain section).

      I'm still hoping for a cut and paste (and a stretch/enlarge) function. This way you just trace/highlight/capture Europe on a world map and thn paste then stretch on a blank one. Chances are you'll have to make corrections and adjustments but if your making a scenario you'll have to do that anyways.

      I do hope there are levels and zoom functions (i.e. army groups down to units) but that belongs in another section too.

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        How about a map generator that generates world topography more naturally, i.e., according to plate techtonic movements, glaciers, axis shifts, etc.
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          How about an FW like editor that actually works? The current FW editor is full of bugs.

          The ability to customize effects for wonders and improvements is a great idea. So is a more realistic random terrain generation system for maps.
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            The more we can do with the editor, the longer the life of the game will be, as there will be more new and interesting scenerios that people produce. One important thing is making it as easy as possible to make new units. Civ2 was pretty good for this, mods were plentiful and fun, adding variety to the game.
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