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  • Welcome to CIV3-STRATEGY

    The civ3-strategy forum will be the place to discuss strategies for civ3(what a concept!), whether it is for random games or scenarios. Strategy discussions around a specific civilization should go to Civ3-Civilizations
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    You said that you wouldn't create this until tomorrow. Do you really think that any people with the game will have time to discuss strategies?
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      Markos, thank you for your great work. You don't know how anxious I had been waiting for this (and Civ3-Creation) to appear. Now I got to update my signature.


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        Ah, finally Markos has done something for
        this mess. Now if the server would work faster,
        then there would be no trouble (expect Yin ).

        Thanks, Markos!

        Gramphos, I suppose you're right.
        All the Americans that have Civ III and
        have already posted something, have
        seemed to be in a hurry. Just wondering why...
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