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All Hail Mountain Sage the Magnificent !

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  • All Hail Mountain Sage the Magnificent !

    Hi Folks,

    I know, I should not have posted this s... thread

    but I just finished y first game on Emperor and... I won... with the French... a Space race ... without SHOOTING A FIRE (sorry, FIRING A SHOT).

    PPP (Perfect Peacenik Play)
    AD 1295, 13'440 Gold, XP 6771, Wonders: ToE (capital!), HD, UN, SETI.
    Military: 36 Musketeers + 1 Warrior, No navy, no planes.

    Now, my priorities:

    1. Finish my bottle of wine (this is probably why I posted this nonsense)
    2. Go to bed: the snowcapped mountaintops glow a beautiful pink (the same of my French) in the early morning sun insert :smiley with tear:
    3. Sober up
    4. Make peace with my wife, she thinks I have 'funny' ways to spend my Saturday's evenings, and nights.
    5. Start a new Civ game. Which one? Well something like... Huge map, 16 Civs, diplomatic, Space Race and cultural wins OFF.

    Don't miss my next thread: ALL SCOFF THE MOST HUMBLED MOUNTAIN SAGE

    Well, goodnight to you all, or good morning, or whatelse, I'm
    The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps

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    This humble personnage wishes you this best of luck, Mountain Sage.


    Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!


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      turn off conquest and domination victory to add extra challange


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        Turning off the diplomatic, cultural and space race victories will be a very interesting way of committing suicide, at least for my French.

        I don't really need 'overkill suicide'.

        But I'll keep it in mind the day my French will dominate the World by 3950 BC.
        The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps


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          You are married and still play civ? tsk tsk
          I will never understand why some people on Apolyton find you so clever. You're predictable, mundane, and a google-whore and the most observant of us all know this. Your battles of "wits" rely on obscurity and whenever you fail to find something sufficiently obscure, like this, you just act like a 5 year old. Congratulations, molly.

          Asher on molly bloom


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            Datajack Franit,

            Well, yes and do love both. My wife does not watch TV all evenings and I do NOT play Civ all nights so we still have time for

            Besides, since I was married before discovering Civ, I prefer not to undo the first to be able to play the second...
            The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps


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              mmmmm.... civ3 - the ultimate foreplay...
              I'm not a complete idiot: some parts are still missing.


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                Hi everybody...

                It works out prettygood in my marriage. I play Civ3 and my wife plays on the GameCube. We're in the same room so we're still spending time together(at least that's what I've convinced her of).

                Holy Cow!!! BigDork's Back!

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