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Fortresses and PTW - An Interesting Result

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    Originally posted by Jaybe

    Yes they can (at least in PTW).
    Ah, so they've changed it in PTW. That's great!

    But you see, I for my own reasons am stuck with 1.29f till the end of time it seems. I've pleaded and begged, but PTW will just not arrive at my door, till maybe the price goes way, way $5-$10 dollars, then there might be hope as I have another bargaining tool.

    But as it stands, in my world, armies don't pillage.


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      Originally posted by Frank Johnson
      The meanest trick is not to wall up entirely though. Its just wall up everywhere else except where you want the whole enemy army to flow through. Then you can choose the site of the battle......and get them on horrible terrain and destroy them before they can get to your cities. You can also surround the stack or close the door in your line so theres no reinforcements or escape.
      My kinda guy.

      If anything, this is the exploit... trick the bastards onto a killing field, and never let them see the light of day.
      The greatest delight for man is to inflict defeat on his enemies, to drive them before him, to see those dear to them with their faces bathed in tears, to bestride their horses, to crush in his arms their daughters and wives.

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        Where can I find this combat calculator? I tried to find it in the 'files' section but no luck.

        I actually made myself a little perl-script to do the job but I'm open to the possibility that civlackey's programming skill are better than mine
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          Should have mentioned where to get them.

          Civlackey's is a standalone windows utility program that you can run while playing civ, so sometimes I use it to see my chances of winning a battle.

          The online caluculator is nice as well, but you have to be online and have the web page open to use it.

          And checking out the calculator again, if our assumptions of a 10% threshhold are correct, an army of tanks at 14 hp won't be attacked till veteran MA, and an army of MA with 13 hp won't be attacked at all, unless the AI has armies of his own. This means that I can send in my forces under the cover of an MA army and never be attacked while my offensive units destroy city after city. Who needs MI when you have MA armies


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            Ok, I'd like to get back to the subject of how you get so many damn armies.

            I play game after game, fight battle after battle with my elite units, and rarely do I get more than 3 leaders in a game. And I play on a huge world!

            True, I haven't built the heroic epic yet, and I know that that helps. Still, does anyone have any advice as to how to go about this? I still attack only the weakest of units with my elites. Should I name these units and keep a chart of how many battles they're involved in?
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              Which get's me to thinking...

              As much as I love the Tank-MI mixed army, Theseus, adding that MI after 3 tanks, though effective, just acts as a trophy piece. You put another tank in there or *gasp* an MA sacrificing his movement, and the AI still won't attack your army till the hp start falling. And if you war like me, wounded units retreat to the homeland (at this point I'll have rails) for repairs. So there's nothing that can top a MA 3 or 4 army in terms of offense or defense. It won't be attacked, and can wreak havoc on the AI.