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  • Amphibious Leader Generation

    My current game: Vikings, Monarch, Pangaea Ė most water.

    Iím on the smaller landmassÖthe first time Iíve been on the smaller one on a pangaea map. Itís just me and the Zulu, who have been sufficiently beaten down. Itís still very early in the game, and Iíve yet to get to Map Making. Iím researching Literature right now, hoping to nab the GL to help make up for being out of the tech loop. I should still be able to extort a tech or two from Zululand, but that wonít nearly keep me in the tech race.

    My major concern is leader production. Iíve left a few Zulu cities, and there is still a bit of land that they may get to before me, so they are going to be a punching bag. Hopefully Iíll be able to pop a leader, but I donít see them producing enough of a military for that to be a viable option. So, the plan at this point, for leaders, is to generate them from Berzerks, once I get them, and once I get contact with other civs.

    Which leads me to my question: can a amphibious-assault unit, on a full transport, pop a leader? If so, does he just get crammed onto the transport? The leader wouldnít be loaded onto the transport, so Iím not certain the max. units per transport would come into play. Or is it best, when using marine-type units, to leave an open transport spot, in the case of leader generation?

    Iím hoping to do some testing on this over the weekend, but if anyone has some experience with this, I would appreciate input immensely.

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    He will be stuck in the middle of the ocean until a transport comes to pick him up.


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      I remember a screenshot of a leader walking on water once, and that's how it happened.

      So the answer to your question is yes, and if there is no room he just floats on top of the transport stack.

      I believe the leader stays there until you make room in the transport (or bring another ship under him), or until he can move onto shore (ie you capture the city or there is another land tile adjacent).

      [Edit: one minute too slow ]


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        Thanks for the quick response. I'll keep that in mind once I finally make first contact...I'm highly debating going Total War with the outlanders!

        Combat on the high seas!


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          Question answered but I'll still post my (interesting, to me!) anecdote.

          Way back under Civ 3 1.07, 1.16, or 1.17 -- can't remember which, but it was pre 1.21 -- I generated a leader from a marine amphib assault. It was well into the modern age, and leaders weren't necessarily something to get up and dance about. Wanting to continue my assault and establish a landing zone, I quickly hit "f" to fortify my leader (thinking I was ordering him onto the transport without realizing that I needed to hit "l" for load). I eventually took the city, moved a large force into it, garrisoned it to prevent a flip (hopefully) and rushed a temple for the border expansion. I planned to use the leader to rush an airport the next turn. Next turn comes, and no leader in my new city. Not on any of the transports nor in the city itself. Not hovering over the water. But on my F3 screen it showed an available leader. IIRC, I could right-click on the coast tile and not produce a "fortified leader" and there was no other visual clue. I finally tried double-clicking the available leader from the F3 screen, hoping it might produce the leader. Lo and behold, from the F3 screen I was taken to the leader, now hovering over the coastal tile as in the CFC screenshot. I moved a transport from the city, loaded him, moved the transport back into the city, unloaded him, and rushed an airport. But not before breathing a sigh of relief that great leader abilities also include, apparently, the ability to tread water for extended periods of time! (Oh, and I also learned that I could double-click a leader from F3 and jump to a map view with the leader active )