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    Originally posted by Theseus
    In the meantime, I'VE GOT MY WARFACE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And her eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming...


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      Dominae - after AU 203, I fired up an all-random game. Got the Vikings on what looked like a pangea with max water (standard size map). Vikings, with the archer-to-berzerk path almost screams for an archer rush if the map cooperates (close start positions). With a non-scientific and non-religious civ, early "builder" play was also unattractive. Long and short of it was a domination win with cavs in the late 1200's. I built temples, a few cathedrals, libraries, and a few universities -- but not much until the middle ages. Never left Monarchy. Finished while researching Electricity (as the tech leader).

      All this sounds a bit like the posted game. So I will pass for now -- but great jump-start for an exploration of the dark side



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        1225 BC: Darth Dave seizes control of the Zulu empire from Master Dominae. He trades his world map for everyone's starting techs. The granary in Mpondo becomes a temple. As a true dark jedi, Dave will do no research until his neighbors are wiped out.
        We need an enemy. Darth Dave declares war on France. All cities except Zimbabwe and Isandhlwana switch to barracks/warriors.

        1175 BC: Marseilles is razed, making way for Zulu occupation of the Incense.

        1100 BC: Golden age begins. Darth Dave makes peace with France, getting Mysticism, Writing, Mathematics, and the full world map. Embassies reveal Persia will win the race to the Pyramids, and they don't have any iron! The Iroquois are also close to connecting their horses and need to be dealt with soon.

        975 BC: Persia finishes the Pyramids. The iron is connected, and upgrading of 30 warriors begins. Production is changed to horsemen.

        775 BC: All swordmen are in place. Darth Dave declares war on Persia.

        690 BC: All horsemen are in place. Darth Dave declares war on the Iroquois.

        650 BC: Persepolis (Pyramids) captured.

        590 BC: Mpande finds new ways to motivate construction of the FP in Persepolis

        470 BC: Peace with Iroquois for Middle Ages. Peace with Persia for Monarchy and Monotheism. Revolution. Science Advisor: "We are technologically advanced!"

        Here's a screenshot as Darth Dave positions troops on the French border.
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          I figured, I'd attack the nearest neighbour asap, which was france.

          I switched all my production to barracks/warriors and started connecting the iron.

          When the road to the iron was eventually built, I had about 20 vet warriors and upgraded them.

          I was just thinking about what city to attack first when I got the message that the French had completed the Great Wall in Paris.

          The same round the Japanese attacked me but the only units the sent me were weak warriors.

          In order to get the Great Wall I headed right for Paris and captured it. After capturing another two French cities and razing two, I made peace for a couple of techs and another French city.

          I also made peace with the Japanese, I got three techs, a world map, and 16 g (all they got) but I had to give them monarchy in exchange.

          Now it's 590 BC and I have all ancient techs except for currency and philosophy and I am technologically advanced.

          My next target will be the Persians and then I'll attack the Japanese if the Iroquis won't attack me first.

          I will conquer the Iroquis once I have knights.
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