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    I agree, investigation is the only useful function of spies. Propaganda is way to expensive and usually unsuccessful (which it should be IMHO).
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      If you have problems to plant a spy with a bigger civ, try when the AI is between governments (anarchy) or has a less advanced gov. I also have a feeling it's easier when you have road connection to it/ and or explored maps with trade possibilty between you.

      I'm using my spies to have the important track of how many and what sort of units the others have. It's also extremely useful to investigate enemy cities during wartime. Sometimes I use the propaganda if the situation says I should really have that city.


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        sabotage is actually pretty good if you have the cash. Say you're aiming for a critical wonder but found out that the other civ will most likely finish it before you do. The best thing to do is sabotage it. You risk war if they found out who did it. But it's better than declaring open war beforehand.


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          Sabotage and Space Race

          There have been times where I have been denying myself a spaceship win because I wanted to win by domination. Those spies are really handy for sabotaging SS parts untill you can launch a full scale assault and raze their capitol.

          Also the military advisor data is much more usefull once you plant the spy (F3)
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