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    I would be happy to organize several small PBEM games, with people who contribute to these strat threads anchoring the games.

    PBEM works well when games are kept to a small number of people who enjoy the prospect of a game that gradually builds toward an interesting series of encounters with human opponents -- and who respond regularly.

    If you think this would be fun, just post your comment and email and we will see if we can get some groups going. There is no hurry. We expect to start right after the holidays.

    As of Saturday, we had the following expressions of interest that seem likely to produce several good games.

    Sir Ralph

    We could probably also get vulture if someone gives him PTW for Xmas.
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    I would, though I don't know that I'll have PTW by the time this starts up. I might get it for Christmas.
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      No hurry. If we get a list of people who are interested, the time to start is right after everyone settles down to the usual grind after the holidays. What is needed is a club of people who will be reliable for a reasonably long haul.

      I have been fortunate to hook up with people that have formed a couple of good games and I'm pleasantly surprised by the way the game unfolds. I would like to be involved in several so that the total amounts to a reasonable part-time hobby.

      The speed version of PTW does not appeal to me as much as having time to think and, especially, the possibility of some real diplomacy taking place with other human players over a considerable interval of time.
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        Count me in.

        Perhaps we could use the AU mod, if people show some interest.


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          Absolutely. AU mod will be the first item in the Strat PBEM constitution.
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            I would be interested. I do not like the PBEM games with accelerated production though.....


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              I think you will be in the overwhelming majority in not liking accelerated production.

              We will make no accelerated production item two the groups constitution.
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                Count me in too. I prefer playing with people I know, if only through these forums.

                jshelr, perhaps you should start a seperate thread in the PBEM forum? This thread could link to it, and serve as an "announcement" to all the Strategy regulars.

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                  ok, it is over there now. I grabbed the AU trademark and called it AU Mod PBEM.

                  So far, it looks like we are in danger of forming a Canadian mafia.
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                    Hm, maybe you should leave it as "Strat Forum PBEM". Some people do not like mods, and could be turned off by the title. If everyone that signs up agrees to the AU mod, perhaps then we should use it (I, for one, am all for rocks).

                    And her eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming...


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                      I would like to play with people comfortable with the AU mod and agree with you that it's an improvement well worth having. However, your point is well taken that otherwise interested people should be able to play with like minded AU Mod haters, if there are any. So, I'll try to make the title less specific.
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                        I'm in... but can we also try to kick games off with some quick rounds, say during a scheduled time on Sundays?
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                          Not a football fan I see. Sounds good to me.
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                            I'd really like to get in too (although I still miss PTW, but it should be OK after christmas! ). We could make an alliance Canada vs. the rest of the world!!

                            Quick rounds on sunday might be good, but I don't know when I'll have to give my golf lessons (sat, sun, AM, PM...?) We'll see, but I defenitely like to be in!

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                              I'll play a game. Is PBEM pretty good?? (not too buggy)

                              We could make an alliance Canada vs. the rest of the world!!
                              We will butcher Canada. Hahahahahaha.