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Screw your ally during war and get away with it

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    I believe that athorpel is suggesting that the resistors reduce the propoganda price enough to be worthwhile.

    For the moment, I am not going to worry about the 'why' and instead look for an opportunity to 'try' this little number out.
    I used to be a builder. That was before I played Civ III


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      That IS what I am talking about roadcage. I am only talking about propaganda and how resistors affect the percentage chance of success and as you mentioned, the price being worthwhile.


      Yes, resistors only affect CF probabilities for the resistors' civ and not someone else's. My proposition is this, resistors are a significant factor in propaganda attempts, they act like unhappy citizens on steroids if you will when it comes to propaganda attempts.


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        Again, you could be very right, but you seem to miss the point I'm trying to make: resistors don't count double when their nationality is different from the civ who's chances are calculated, so why would it be with propaganda?

        If a city has 10 Chinese resistors in it, those resistors want to return to China, and not to France, as it will be equally bad than America (if America is the current owner of the city, and France the one using propaganda). Logically speaking, the propaganda costs / chances will be calculated per civ, and not per city alone.



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          I can imagine that if you pressure a city, you have an easier propaganda campaign there... what sounds not right is that if the French (with their resistors) are pressuring a Chinese city, you would have it easier with propaganda... I can only guess that the French have that advantage, and not you.
          Hmmm this might be a good way to get back your OWN cities faster than trying to take them back by force... just buy them back. I must remember this.

          As for the topic of propaganda in cities with revolters. Lets say you had 5 conent French, and 5 resising - If you tried propaganda on that, perhaps you only have to flip the 5 content since the other 5 are resisting... maybe they just dont count, who knows.


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            For whatever reason, those cities seemed awfully cheap to propagandize with those resistors in them compared to a typical non-resisting city. They flipped on the first attempt also.

            I am going to push prolonged warfare in my current game to the point the AI will have to switch to communism or monarchy. Then I will attempt this propaganda technique again on a more systematic basis. Investigate the cities beforehand, count the types of citizens, write down how much I paid, etc.

            I want to compare same size cities, one with resistors, one without resistors. Obviously, current and previous owner will not be my civ.

            I will post the results here.

            My original intent for this thread was just to foster a rethink of propaganda attempts.
            I hope I have done that.
            But dang, now I'm real curious to see whether what I observed in that Persian game is repeatable.