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    Originally posted by chanser69
    ... destroyers guarding 2 transports... plus another destroyer guarding an aircraft carrier... bring them to shore... start bombing the city until its ready... land my forces that are a combination of artillery, tanks and infantry...
    Assuming your enemy has railroads and a dozen (or few dozen) of cavalry, you will probably take terrible losses of anything not in mountains on your first couple of turns, so be prepared to follow up with major reinforcements (or to withdraw your invasion force). He will hit you with everything he's got if he is not already engaged elsewhere.

    I think 2 transports full should be 4-5 transports. My trepidations are based on a traumatic experience I had where I lost over half my invasion force similar to yours (but more of them) against cavalry, knights and immortals. Anytime I left the mountains to attack a city, I got butchered. They lost 3 or 4 times as many units, but they had their whole army to call on.

    If he IS engaged in offensive actions in someone else's territory, or doesn't even have cavalry yet, please disregard this post.

    Whatever you do, have fun (or learn from it)!


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      Here is something you may try....

      Don't research any tech at all in the early game except your first tech. It you set the slider at 2 clicks, or 20% you will notice that you get your first tech in 40 turns. After you get your first tech turn the slider down to 0. Then just buy those techs that take you toward the Great Library only. When you see that your next tech will get you the GL, start saving shields in your best city and save your cash. When the first civ gets the tech for the GL buy it with your saved cash and then change your shield city over to produce it fast. If you have been attacking a close civ with the archer attack strategy, you may even have a Leader to spend on getting the GL. Once you have the GL you only need to buy contact with every civ in the game and you will keep up with tech easy until Education where the GL ends.

      Also, another strategy for getting techs is to attack a strong civ near you, then after you take the first city or two by supprise, park your attack force next to a good city of his and ask for peace and every tech he has. Most times they will give you the techs to keep you from attacking the city. Then wait 20 turns and R & R.

      Good luck!

      Oh! One other thing. Protect your reputation at all costs. Never attack and enemy civ with troops inside his borders. Wait just outside his borders and declare war. The post the turn and attack the next turn. Also, don't break contracts!


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        Ok, so I'm a little late to this thread. "Warrior-bopping"? Is that an official CIV III term now?

        I like.
        Where are we going? And why are we in this handbasket?


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          wow so many ideas! and all of them great!

          in order..

          vmxa1: no map trading... that is an excellent strategy! I never even thought of that. But thinking now, if they can't see where I live then they can't settle my island.. or at least it will take a while to find out where. In this game it was me, the Koreans, and the Khmer (I am Mongolians ... heh go figure) and I was isolated on my continent with them and just finished kicking their ass around 1200-1400ad at which point one of the civs from the other continent came into contact with me and we traded world maps and i had my maps completed... I will think twice next time. As for the settlers... my continent is kinda shaped like a big 8 with the middle being a little wider than a land bridge.. maybe about 3 tiles wide... and my capitol is at the top and my forbidden palace is around the middle... so my cities on the very bottom (in ice and mountain I might add) have no culture... and they are settling in between the gaps there, some friendly, some enemies so I do'nt know what to do other than kick their ass as soon as they set foot on my continent... friendly or not. I can't really ask them to leave cause they're not in my borders, only on my land.

          ducki: railway + airport... I never even thought about that... that is a ingenious strategy and I will put that in effect at full speed... what a very good idea! who needs ships when you can instantly go to their continent. I just need to finish researching flight :P... as for culture flipping cities... I would but as the last paragraph I wrote... they are near my smallest cities with immense corruption and therefore hardly any culture... although I could try and rush a temple or library or something... and I have already checked out that post and it is very good! Haven't finished reading it though. Thank you very much!

          Jaybe: no no you are right... they do have cavalry and it is on their territory.. only i have 2 or 3 civs throwing all their forces at me at once :P. Luckily I land on hills so defensive bonus . I will most definetly not just take 2 transports and I will go with a minimum of 4. Very good advice again... I totally understand where your coming from and I can just see that same situation being recreated heh. I sympathise for your poor troops hehe.

          ArmaGeddin: That is yet another god strategy. A little bit harder to impliment and it seems like it would be hard to time the GL with having just enough shields. I will try that out possibly in my next game. Hehe I really like your second strategy though hehe... I've done that a few times. A couple times I actually let peace last until they dared attack me again... but once I made them give me all their gold and techs and then finished them off muahaha. Cruel yes I know.

          Ok so I am going to finally go back to this game and hopefully finish it winning thanks for the great advice, I really appreciate it. Bye for now.


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            Oh, on getting your map completed, I'll generally try offering them 5 gold - usually they're willing to give their World Map if they are not rich. Sometimes I'll go as high as 10, but I try to never trade my map away unless it's important - at least until I'm done filling out my own continent, or don't mind a couple of "free" cities when my culture catches up with them.

            Note - normally when you try to trade and say "What do you want for Ironworking" or whatever tech, they'll include your world map - just remove it and about 99% of the time, the trade still goes through and you still have your map "secret".
            "Just once, do me a favor, don't play Gray, don't even play Dark... I want to see Center-of-a-Black-Hole Side!!! " - Theseus nee rpodos


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              all of you guys... are the best!!!

              Thank you guys so much... i haven't beaten 1 warlord game... but 3!!!! and am finding it not much of a challenge heh. I just finished re-reading the post and a couple of thing things i haven't tried or thought I couldn't pull off... i see how they can be easily implimented. I am trying to move to Regent level now. First attempt I ended up 500AD with nothing... well half my continent and in no place to attack... which i consider nothing... behind in tech... and all my cities size 1-3. Gonna take some work. Gonna re-impliment tactics and try and choose new ones. I'm wondering about governments though... when is a good time to switch governments and for what situation? And what is good for late game? I end up pulling a communist war-time government which pumps out the units... but that gets pretty boring because all your doing is pumping out units, there is not much strategy when you are massacring or sending 12+ units to attack hoping eventually to break their defences and have a unit or 2 leftover to defend. And when do you switch to war mode rather than research mode? When it gets late in the game I get anxious to start a war and start wiping out... and its a good thing too because i usually finish about 1950AD... not much time to spare!

              Anyways the main reason I'm posting is to thank you guys all for your strategies and let you know that I have beaten warlord several times . Thanks again.