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    Punkbass, a belated thanks for posting all this. Very impressive, and very useful. I missed the original posting because it was, as you noted, a little late. I came across it now doing research for some notes I've put together on deity in 1.29, which is finally available on the Mac (now that you all have PTW, with Conquests in the wings).


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      Just to have things strait (I'm a bit slow today, all the mountains are mist-covered): did you win without going to war even once (PP game) or just without going to war too often? (your 'all enemies' prompted my question).
      The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps


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        I'm looking for another piece of advice:

        I'm planning to go for it, after AU208 (it will make a nice change ), as follows:

        Huge map, 8 civs, archipelago (big islands/small continents), French.
        The two obvious early wonders to build (or try to): GLibrary and GLighthouse.
        Medieval one: Adam Smith, maybe Sistine, maybe Bach.
        Industrial ones: ToE, Hoover Dam
        Diplomatic victory preferred.
        Do I understand the rule correctly? no wars whatsoever, even a 1-turn one?

        Any comments, tips etc?
        The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps


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          If you are going to make it another AU course, please don't make it a huge map.

          BTW: I think that punkbass didn't declare war nor did he conquer any cities.
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