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  • Population in Free Fall

    Can anyone tell me why certain cities will all of a sudden switch over to all unhappy citizens (and therefore in auto mode, to entertainers) causing the population to go into free-fall (because nobody is making food)? Even in a city where all happiness improvements have been made...and the Shakespeare wonder...and ive turned up the happiness to max...still cant get anyone to be happy!

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    War weariness?

    Disgruntled from too much pop rushing?

    More details would help...
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      well i suppose that is possible...but even when im not at war it happens...and if im not rushing in communist govt btw


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        clicjk on an unhappy face in a city, it tells you why it's unhappy.

        if it says "It's just way too crowded" it's just a generic unhapiness.
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          I think there are only 5 sources of unhappiness (someone correct me if there are others): crowding, war weariness, war against the mother country (for foreign nationals), drafting, and rushing. Like UberKruX said, click on one of the unhappy people and it will tell you what percentage is coming from each source of unhappiness.

          For war weariness, you can end the war, switch out of Republic/Democracy, build Universal Suffrage, and build police stations. For drafting and rushing, all you can do is wait the 20 turns for the effect to go away. For war against the mother country, you have to end the war against the mother country. For crowding, you can get more luxuries, build happiness improvements/wonders (especially marketplace if you have more than 2 luxuries), raise the luxury rate, or create entertainers.
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            For crowding you can also build workers or settlers to lower population.
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