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Civil disorder but everybody happy - is this a bug

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  • Civil disorder but everybody happy - is this a bug


    There was a civil disorder in one of my cities. When I checked the city, everyone was happy, no unhappy people... OK, I was in war, building ICBMs and Co, but normally they tell you like "Give to peace a chance" or too crowded. In this case no comments from my citizens.

    Or should I use Gowernors? - No idea...

    Anyone seen something like this?

    And some of my cities are helpless depressive. You can do anything, they hate you. If you let them grow, they make a disorder... I have luxuries, a am also buying it.

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    I've seen this problem as well. I was under monarchy and was fighting a war when one of my cities fell into civil disorder. When I zoomed to the city I saw nothing but content faces. I figured everything was ok and left the city alone.

    Next turn that same city was still in disorder, even though everyone was content upon checking the city screen. I decided to put one citizen as an entertainer and wait one turn. This did the trick and when I changed the entertainer back into a worker everything was ok.

    Strange. Using version 1.21f btw................
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      when you change the happiness slider and then put it back, all your cities will be up to date.
      This happens when 'buying luxuries too. I reported this bug right after the game came out, but they havn't fixed it up to now.
      Not that important eiter, just confusing sometimes
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