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Do horsemen upgrade to riders and whats the cost?

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  • Do horsemen upgrade to riders and whats the cost?

    I am playing china and wondering if I should start churning out horsemen en masse in anticipation of discovering chivalry.

    India is a big threat and war is looming for supremacy of the continent. I was wondering if you can upgrade horsemen to riders and how much it costs to do so.

    I am assuming that It is a good idea to do this if the cost is decent. I have about 1200 gold saved atm.

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    You can definitely upgrade them

    I don't know what the cost is. Sorry.
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      Same as a knight - 80 gold each.


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        Sooo much gold... in one of the recent tourneys I had so many WCs and Horsemen to upgrade, it was gonna be like 3000gp... who has that much when Chivalry rolls around.

        And now, Txurce, let's talk about barb uprisings...
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          The general rule for upgrade costs is two times the difference in shield costs of the two units. This is halved if you have Leo's.

          In this case:
          Cost = (70-30)*2 = 80


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            This is why Leonardo's Workshop is a warmonger's best friend. All of a sudden 80 gold per Rider becomes 40 gold per Rider. 1000 gold for 25 Riders really isn't too pricey.

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              good point...time to go build leo's workshop.