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Production in City Square

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  • Production in City Square

    Are the following rules true?

    Capitol City Square base production (F/S/C) = 2/1/3
    Regular City Square base production (F/S/C) = 2/1/1

    Regardless of any terrain or resource bonuses except:

    Capitol in Hills with gold = 2/1/5

    River , +1 C

    Are there other exceptions besides Hill with Gold and rivers?
    Does a city on a floodplain bring extra food outside of despotism?

    Besides Civ trait bonuses, are there any changes to the base production with increased population?

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    I posted this once before...

    The center tile:
    • Produces exactly two food for all terrain.
    • Uses terrain shield production, but has a one-shield-minimum.
    • Uses terrain commerce production. Includes road commerce bonus, if appicable to the terrain. Capital produces four commerce minimum (new to 1.21f, and subject to government penalty).
    • If size 7+, produces one extra shield and one extra commerce.
    • If size 13+, produces yet another shield and another commerce. On top of that, but only for this size, commercial civs produce an extra commerce, and Industrious produce an extra shield.
    • Despotism/Anarchy tile penalty applies as for any other tile.

    Hope this helps clear things up.


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      Thanks for the summary!

      So the bonuses of strategic resources (etc) still apply (but only if above the minimum, and not for food)?