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    Monty's Modern Armour Massacre - ready to roll

    As chance would have it, I've just done a rare MA blitz too.

    If anyone has had their appetite whetted by this thread and fancies a blast trying out the features of the 'Ultimate Unit', here's a ready-to-roll game on the morning of war:

    For thousands of years the noble Aztecs have been threatened and extorted by the pugnacious Mongols on the other continent.

    Now it's payback time.

    The Mongols have declared war (provoked by espionage) and the Aztecs got India, Arabia and those dependable allies in the long Samauri wars, the Iroquois, all on-message for the conflict. They might even be able to grab a city or two if they hurry.

    'Defending' India are about 60MA with a little Radar and Mech Inf support if required. There are also four armies with various combinations of MA and MI in (none of which was very useful, I thought). 3 carrier group fleets with bombers and fighters lurk off the coast just for the fun of moving some boats and planes around, and more bombers are stacked somewhere at home.

    This game actually started as a test case for a jag-rushing early GA idea, but soon morphed into a six-city-challenge, then morphed again into a REX-no-Ancient-Wonder strat when I decided to go for a second lux - and then into near-perpetual war with Japan (including defending a Samauri GA) which finally ended about three turns after I got Military Tradition, and the game finally ended up as a Modern Armour 'rush'.

    It didn't end there, I decided to play on for the 100K culture win, but I'm on 100k, Future Tech 2 and not yet double India, and it's getting a bit boring. So I decided to post this instead
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      And if that description didn't paint much of a picture, here's a picture:
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        PS - catapults are the baby to have when defending a Sammy GA. Those fat ph*kers are real satisfying to take down


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          Cool... but don't mix MAs and MIs, as it slows them down two much. MIs are better added to any Tank or Tank-led hybrid Armies that you might have lying around.
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            Yes I am not fond of taking a 3 move army and adding a 2 move unit.