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Horsemen getting butchered

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    @seraphin (and others )

    Me guessing alot of good tactics used in SP won't cut in MP
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      Originally posted by seraphin
      i do not get yr point:
      mw and immortals are both able to be used in huge rush,fighting muskemen in the end, to achive a very early domination victory or(on a higher level) quickly enlarging the prod.-capacity by defeating one or two well positioned civs.
      horsemen dont...with or without impi,they come to early and are to weak to start a GOOD rush on emperor or deity and are (since to expensive in upgrade) useless for a complete domination rush on monarch or regent.
      so imo ther'r 3rd class...
      possibly i did not understand you (?)
      emphasis added.

      Oh, I beg to differ. I use horseman rushes often, and they can totally destroy up to three neighboring civs (more if you catch the fourth w/o iron). This is on Monarch, with a good start. Doesn't always work. Has pitfalls (Greece, Zulus). But consider the Japanese or Chinese beginning with a horse rush and polishing things off with Samurai or Riders.

      Horsemen are wonderful units. Swords have their place... particularly on maps with rough terrain, but they are hopelessly inferior when one considers their lack of mobility and upgradeability.

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        Originally posted by seraphin
        we are defenetly addicted to different types of strategie:
        i simply dont like "horse+upgrade".
        we should not start an endless discussion about it ...we will simply deal it out with ptw.

        *throwing glove*
        PtW should even things out between Horse and Sword units. Sword units will have a middle age upgrade.

        As far as being addicted to a strategy of one kind or another, I just tend to play the way that I find most effective. Against the AI it is "horse+upgrade" usually. I think MP strategies will be much more reliant on combined arms, or very early warrior/archer rushes.


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          it ends with the q of map size.
          on large maps i totally agree with you (and aeson).on small maps i would nearly always prefer a rush with three parts using archers ,swords,knights(/cavalry).

          i have to admit that i am not informed very well about the changes in ptw...
          ...even though comparing our strats that way will not be possible i would enjoy a game against you then.



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            I am a true defender of the faith... faith in Immortals, that is.

            That said, I think the issue will be control of the high ground, whichever way you play.

            For slowmovers, it's critically important to attack along a defensible route.

            For fastmovers, situational awareness is key in order to take advantage of mobility.

            I can feel for eagerness for MP... I can't wait either.
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