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    Oh yeah. I tried that Airports transportation model and it saved my *ss. The Aztechs landed on one of my weaker Islands with about 20 infantry.

    1) Told them to move and they declared war.
    2) Got everyone else to declare war against the aztecs.
    3) Move all but one defender from the other cities to the one under attack.
    4) Rush build Airport on the Island

    Step 3 helped me survive the 1st turn of the war. On the next turn my weak little Island was the most well protected area on the map thanks to some airlifts. It would have taken 5 turns for transports to get there (way to late to help).


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      Originally posted by jshelr
      The advice to take small bites often instead of one big gulp is very sound. Despite knowing that fact, in my last game I got annoyed with Catherine because she wouldn't give me more than 4 techs in peace tribute when I could see about 7 I didn't have. I stubbornly ground her down to 3 cities until she finally give up the last techs. Big mistake. Turning to Germany, it was my stack of swords against his musketmen. Bismark didn't have iron or horses, but I was too late and took only two cities before bogging down. At that point, my civ was large, but stupid and over extended. I abdicated, and doubtless will go down in history as a tyrant who sucked.
      I have to agree. It makes it easier to gradually assimilate cities too and not stretch out your military.
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        Blitzer, in your case I would've started with 2 armies of either swordsmen (if you have iron close) or archers/spears, and I would have started around 1500BC to send both
        Two armies? Yikes. I think you may be the better field general... because it took everything I had just to hold off the Zulu as it was. Those Impi are an absolute thrashing, and I took heavy casualties as it was. I sent everything I had at them, and by the time they were under control, Persia had immortals all over the place and Bizmark was making his presence known. In hindsight, I probably should have pressed the Persians more, but at the time I felt they were too strong.

        I did wait for swordsmen as usual in this game... I've never really done the archer rush before. Maybe your early-military strategy will work better for me... hell I've come this far away from my peaceful builder roots, why not take it all the way? This game is basicly over anyway, might as well start a new one, not like I'm going to lose this one...