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  • Communism???

    Hi, guys and gals, this is my first time posting here ont he message board, and ive only had Civ 3 for about 3 weeks, and already it is my favorite game. Anyways after some early, embarresing campaigns in which i was defeated by 0 AD, i finaly got the jist of the game and am now doing fairly well

    I am the Americans and I am currently in the Industrial Revolution age. I am playing on a world map based on the real world, and have control over North America,Greenland and Northern South America, and i am currently in first place in Culture points and the year is 1862 about. Anyways my question concerns the form of government i should use. I am currently a Democracy, and have just learned Communism. Now begin the son of a Patriotic father, my whole life ive heard nothing but how evil and wrong communism is. But my question here is should i stick with democracy, or switch to Communism. Also if you would be so kind, i know very little about the strengths and weaknesses of the differnt forms of governments. I would greatly apprciate if someone could tell em the pros/cons of Depotism/Monarchy/Republic/Democracy/ and Communism.

    Also I'd like to give a big thanks to Firaxis for including the Carthaginians in the upcoming expansion pack. It's great we learn so much about the Greeks and Romans in school, but its a shame that there is almost no suggestion of the Carthaginians.

    Well thanks in advance for the help

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    check the civlopedia. they have exact numbers for stuff for each government.

    but for a brief run down:

    the thing i like about communism / despotism is the rush method, often called "Pop Rushing", where you kill off people to rush units / buildings.

    the thing i HATE about democracy is the war weariness. If you're in a war for too long your people get really mad and you can get thrown into anarchy.

    Communism has a completely different system of corruption. the game asesses a "net corruption" and then evenly distributes it throughout all your cities. therefore, your capital could have a substantial amount of corruption if your empire is far flung and courthouse-less.

    i prefer communism as my modern age government because i'm a warmonger, and the corruption system / draft rate / pop rush / war weariness works well for such a style.

    it's a matter of choice really.

    and this quote:

    Now begin the son of a Patriotic father, my whole life ive heard nothing but how evil and wrong communism is.
    will get you flamed on many a message board. so let's get roasting comrades.
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      If your goal is war, go communism. For everything else, it is completly useless. Even with war, it is often more helpful to have the production and tech bonuses of republic or democracy, than the stability (what a joke in practice) of communism.
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        Depends on how long your war is too.
        For shorter wars (with enough happiness wonders and luxuries) you can survive war weariness under Republic. For very short wars, even Democracy can be useful.

        Long wars though, Communism is the choice.
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          Well I have been in some middle length wars as Democracy. Forty or so turns in a row at least. I prefer the Republic for war though.

          I have only tried Communism once. I was so mired in War Weariness that I didn't have any money for research. I was surprised that when I switched to communism after a descent into anarchy that I was actually producing much more science under communism since I didn't have to spend all that money on entertainment.

          I only had a about ten cities in that game so corruption wasn't an issue either way. I just couldn't get off the stupid mid sized island I was stuck on. That was my first Emperor game.

          Don't forget Monarchy. If you don't need the pop rushing of Communism it works pretty well for war.


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            Yes, monarchy's troop support method is very helpful in wartime. for every town (size 6 or lower) they get 2 units support-free, for every city (size 6 to 12) they get 4 units support-free, and for every metropolis (size 12 and up) they get 8 units support free.

            NOTE : Not to imply that the units themselves are free, they aren't, you just don't have to pay support for those units, and for every unit over the limilt (the "limit" in this case is all of the free support from your empire, remember, in Civ3 units are not mated to one specific city) your empire must pay one gold per turn. I don't have a clue if communism support works this way, but I know that republic and democracy don't while despotism does.



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              Communism allows one more military police per city, has lower AVERAGE corruption than Monarchy over large empires, has veteran spies as a default (spies have slightly better success rates at slightly lower costs--not game-breaking, but enough to be relevant), and allows you to draft one more citizen per city per turn.

              Monarchy's advantages, on the other hand, are that it has low corruption in its central cities like Republic (Communism distributes corruption more or less evenly through your cities), and you can pay for rushing instead of pop rushing (if you find population more valuable than cash at the moment). In all other respects, the two governments are equal. I believe that Communism is moderately superior to Monarchy in the same sense that Democracy is moderately superior to Republic--you get some benefits and a couple of drawbacks, but the benefits are usually worth it unless your game strategy depends on not having the drawbacks.
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                When I first started playing Civ3 I used communism as my number one choice in the modern ages. I like a good fight like anyone else does and found that with communism I didn't have to worry about war weariness.

                Now my strategy is different. I usually stick with republic, even in the modern ages, and wage long wars despite war weariness. Since war weariness is not as brutal as under democracy I usually do ok. The trick is to secure plenty of luxury resources and to have a high income. As war weariness increases simply set the luxury rate a notch higher or find someone willing to sell a luxury resource to you. Make sure that you have police stations and courthouses in all your cities too.
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