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a) Ultra-early war, b) Diplomatic status?

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    Originally posted by Theseus
    However: Germany, France, and Greece have NO diplomatic relations with each other... how is this possible?
    Originally posted by Catt
    I believe (but cannot swear to ) this is produced when you have not established an embassy with the releveant civs (even if they have established an embassy with you). Without an embassy, you don't know the current diplomatic status one AI civ has with another.
    Originally posted by Theseus
    Nope, I have embassies with everyone, although you are correct that if I did not, I would not be able to see their diplo relations with other civs.
    You're definitely right, though I'd never noticed this before. In my current game, two civs show up on the diplo screen as having an alliance against a third civ, but do not show a peace treaty or war between themselves (how you could have a true military alliance but not an understanding of peace ...)


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      Dear God, I just realized... the AI has "cease fire" and we don't!!
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