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Strategey for deity 1.21

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  • Strategey for deity 1.21

    Has anybody won on deity version 1.21 with 16 nations on a huge map?

    What is the best strategy for deity under 1.21?

    I never manage to keep up in tech. The AI just doesn't trade with
    me and even when I conquer them they prefer to be erased from
    giving me their tech.

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    I think I just posted you some advice on your other thread. The same holds with the top levels, but more so. It's very hard to get things out of the AI unless you are in a position of power, so, bad news if you're a peacenik, an early war is almost essential to grab territory. If you can get to be the biggest baddie in the whole world, then you can get some respect. Also, if you do the math, if you have twice as many cities as anyone else then you are producing nearly twice as much science ! Make sure you get the Great Lib. It really helps you to keep up at the beggining when you're small. Make a bee-line for literature, and pre-build with the Pyramids or something. Always helps.

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