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The Care, Feeding, and Death of Neighboring Civs

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    * Decreased HugeMap Size to 160x160.
    Looks like the value of 1.21f Ae is only 80% of prior versions!


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      Bump... I think everyone should rad and apply this great thread by Rp... errr... Theseus. And you get to witness the name change!

      (Theseus was a DL?!? )

      Get your science News at Konquest Online!


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        Wow, this was a good thread.

        And I'm a little scared by just how far I've taken Theseus' original "punching bag" idea.

        grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

        The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


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          I must have missed this one, will read from the start later.


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            It's interesting how much stuff seems to have started here, or at least around this time:

            Killer AI civs
            Ultimate Power
            Understanding warweariness
            Luxury obsession
            Arrian Deception

            And, of course, my name.
            The greatest delight for man is to inflict defeat on his enemies, to drive them before him, to see those dear to them with their faces bathed in tears, to bestride their horses, to crush in his arms their daughters and wives.

            Duas uncias in puncta mortalis est.