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Volunteer for April Tourney game

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  • Volunteer for April Tourney game

    Who wants to volunteer to post an unofficial tourney game for April? We have gone the entire month of March without a tourney game. MarkG is AWOL. Public posts pleading for more information have gone unanswered. It is time for action.

    What settings do people prefer? I prefer Emperor, standard size map, eight opponents. Anyone want to volunteer to handle this and tabulate results? We can not access the official results page, but can tabulate and post them on the forum. I am sure there are a ton of people pining for another game.

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    sounds good, but i would prefer at monarch level

    standard size map
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      If no one else steps forward, I'm gonna go ahead and post a Monarch level 4000 B. C. save, zipped and see if anyone wants to go. I think it is going to be standard rules, 1.17f, standard size map, random civ, random map type, random barbs, eight random opponents. This will be different from the MarkG games in that Goody huts and default corruption rules will be in effect.

      I will probably go with the first random map I roll, with these settings and label the thread something like "Unofficial April Tourney game." I'll post the game on March 31 or April 1, depending on your time zone, and when I get done with other stuff I have to do.