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Human war weariness

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  • Human war weariness

    In my games I tend to conquer territory early then settle down for a builder game, with a representative govt as my govt of choice. Once infrastrucuture up to factories has been completed you can soon build a force that makes you invulnerable, and there will be no war weariness even in demo if you're just defending your own territory.

    Of course if you start the war by attacking in your opponents' territory war weariness is unmanageable in democracy after a few turns. In republic it is not so bad, but still a handful if you start the war.

    My question is what happens if the AI starts the war and then you take the war to their territory? Do you get the same penalties as you would if you had started the war, or lesser?

    I have seen some people indicate the latter, but from memory of early games it seemed to me that soon after I retaliated in representative govts war weariness started.

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    Human war weariness is when you get bored of killing spearmen with tanks.


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      My impression regarding war weariness is that it has a little randomness involved, influenced by offensive/defensive warfare. Sometimes the war weariness just does NOT happen.


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        it seems that war weariness gets pretty bad after i capture a few cities.(with universal suffarage and they start the war.)
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          I often managed to fight a war with Democracy by introducing the City Governor on controlling my citizens mood, in that way I can do lots of turns of war without everytime check the domestic advisor and create entertainers manually.
          After 20 turns if peace is not redeclared I go for a Monarchy (No Communism for me, don't like how they manage corruption) because at that moment al my cities are in starvation.

          If you play religious civ war weariness is less powerfull (not much but enugh to to war in Democracy)!

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            From my humble experience, war weariness comes after a few turns after YOU declared war on someone (in more restrictive govs like republic and democracy).
            However, If you are in war (or peace) and someone attacks YOU, then the weariness goes off. And it starts to grow again in 10-20 turns (depending on gov type again). So it is nice to start war with who you want, then provoke some puny civ (the best way to do it is with unsuccesful spying action) to attack you. Weariness goes off and you continue to attack who you want.

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              War weariness is increased if the AI has units in your territory and if you're losing battles. The way to keep it down is to win early and often, sue for peace, then attack again after 20 turns... or just keep going until the enemy is all dead and **** your citizens if they're not happy about it; you can always starve out the unhappy ones.

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                War weariness isn't too bad if you win really, really fast. Not that hard if you have 40+ ICBM's and raze every city.


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                  Originally posted by skywalker
                  War weariness isn't too bad if you win really, really fast. Not that hard if you have 40+ ICBM's and raze every city.
                  That, and building all the happy wonders.
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