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Peace in our time?

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  • Peace in our time?

    Has anyone been able to play a peaceful game with any success? It seems to be pretty impossible. The AI seems to be obsessed with forcing completely pointless, stalemate wars (I'm looking at you, Germany!). I've even had a "polite" Egypt declare war when I asked them to remove their warrior from my territory. I mean, come on! Having every game follow the same cycle of early conquest is a bit too predictable. Thoughts?

    If the AI can coexist amoungst itself so well, why not me?

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    The computer players' opinion of me seems to deteriorate each time I ask them to kindly remove their smelly Pikemen from my land... Yet, Abe doesn't seem to realize that when he moves them to the exact same square every turn, I'm going to tell him to vamoose every turn. This is usually how my wars get started.


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      The only way that I've been able to play a completely peaceful game is to always give the AI what it wants, and only when I am on an Island by myself...but that was a very boring game

      However, I would argue that going to war is a necessary part of the Civ III equation. It is the way that you get Great Leaders, which in turn, give you wonders. Playing on the higher level of difficulties, war is a must -- you need those GLs to at least make your forbidden fortress.

      Yes, Germany attacks WAY too early for my play style. I play the Egyptians almost exclusively in a builder style -- I am not ready for a war until the late ancient era. Of course, my ancient era never seems to last all that long because of the tech trading that occurs between me and the AI.



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        I understand all of your frustrations and currently am experiencing the same thing. Fighting wars against the whole world just because I won't give 10 gold pieces away as tribute is excessive.

        I am currently engaged in a thread on the Civ3 General Forum regarding this very subject. Check it out.....

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          My own record is 1900AD in peace... not a single barb killed I was called prince of peace...
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            While I have never played a game where no barbarians were harmed, I have played an entire game without even bombarding an enemy unit, much less killing them. War?? Not even once!!

            My basic goal when playing that game was to see how much the 1.17f patch changed combat. So while spreading like a plague, I built a rather respectable force of warriors, then legions, still unable to find other civs.
            Turns out I was on the island by myself, while the other 3 civs were on another island together. I kept my fairly large military, added to it here and there, and eventually I had won by spaceship victory and realised I never got to attack anyone.
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              Originally posted by Skanky Burns
              Turns out I was on the island by myself, while the other 3 civs were on another island together.
              The opposite usualy happens to me. I usualy get stuck on some small piece of land with five other civs (no room mind you), and the other guy stuck on some large piece of land with all the moden resources.
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                Immortals ensure peace.

                Pax Persia.

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