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Is this game salvageable?

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  • Is this game salvageable?

    Deity, tiny map, 4 civs. I don't have the patch yet.

    I killed one civ very early. (only two cities, and I had one, so I didn't want to make them a vassel)

    The Germans are my only vassel, but recently we found the Indians who were much more advanced. They had a different continent, and were too far away until I got the lighthouse. I took one city, kept the counterattack at bay, and marched on a second city. I got many techs for peace, and then I payed for chivalry. I'm still behind the indians in size, but I have a good military force. My question is, can I save this game?
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    Of course it it! Why not? =)


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      It sound's like you're on the right track FireDragon! I wouldn't give up!

      If I were in that situation I would engage in limited wars with the Indians to whittle away at them. It's the only thing I know how to do to keep a powerful rival from stealing the show if you take my meaning.

      Good luck!
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        I understand, that they are still advanced, and you are in the medieval ages... Means they will build all the attractive wonders. So why don't you let them waste their production for wonders and use yours to build knights and ship them to the hold you have of the their continient. After you discover, or buy, military tradition, upgrade them to cavalries, and good bye india, hello wonders .


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          You need to move before India deploys infantry. Otherwise you have to wait until tanks become available.