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  • need newbie help

    Anyone can help me? I'm totally new to Civ3 and ask you for a newbie guide. Are there any links?

    Thanks in advance

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    Manual will help
    After you've read that, read this

    Vel's Stratagy Guide
    Up The Millers


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      No offense to Velocyrix, but I think it might be better if you just gothru the tutorial in the manual first, then just play for a while to get a feel for it and develop your own initial methods for what to do before diving into any in depth guide.

      I think reading a detailed guide before you even get the feel for the game is a bit much.
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        It's not a guide for newbies or anything, but I find reading how other people play to be the most helpful way to learn a game, so you could take a look at Sirian's chronicles section.
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