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How setup and run settler factories?

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  • How setup and run settler factories?

    Need seasoned advice. Thought I understood how to set up settler factories,
    until I increased my difficulty level. Now apparent I am missing something.
    I am ok until get about 4-5 cities and then notice some turns not able to generate good steady production from cities 6 to 20.

    On easiest level it is possible to just pump out settlers and no warriors
    and still be able to plant cities. I have noticed now I have to worry about
    protecting settlers so not grabbed before city planted.

    1-- maximize steady settler output with fewest resources possible.
    2-- generate at least 1 settler each turn
    3-- allocate X# of cities to settler production
    4-- generate at least 1 warrior each turn

    What I have noticed,
    a-- even though size 6 cities need less food per pop increase, size 10/11 cities seem to be able to maintain steady production better,
    b-- can't pump one out each turn from one city

    Seems like this is the minimum needed:
    A- City 1: pumps out settler each even turn
    B- City 2: pumps out settler each odd turn
    C- City 3: pumps out warrior each turn

    Ok what am I missing? This is early in the game so under depositism.

    Are there any things to always include in settler factory city?

    How do you decide which of 6 cities will be settler factory city.
    I have learned it did not work for me to have the capital be a factory city. {I lost too much culture}.

    As always, thanks for your advice.