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Upgrading Erases Training?

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  • Upgrading Erases Training?

    Y'know, something that completely never came to my attention...

    ...when I upgrade my horsemen to knights, or cavalry, etc., all my elites lose their training! Hopefully I didn't fudge something up here... is this standard?

    I never really noticed it, but the way I see it, there might be something to be said for leaving your elite knights as knights when cavalry rolls around, and using your veterans as the new mainstay. The way combat is, a 4 is nearly as likely to win as a 6.

    In a game sense, I understand it - the upgrade actually erases the old unit and produces a new one for a reduced cost - but the unit is a standard city-with-barracks issue, i.e. a vet. But it doesn't seem to make sense that my crack troops suddenly forgot everything their vast combat experience has taught them...

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    Yes, that's true . When you upgrade your elite unit it becomes veteran again.
    BTW, consider upgrading elite knight to cavalry. 'Elite' means he is experienced with operating with his sword and with battle tactics as well. Now you take his sword away and give him a musket (rifle). It's naturall that at the beginning he doesn't know how to use it properly he can cannot be more elite.