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  • stealth fighter use

    Is it usefull?

    I have found only one use for it: recon. It has longer range and is very usefull for spoting ships along your coast line so that your stealth bombers can attack. I realise that ships can also be used for scouting, but using them so wastes valuble movement points that can be used to attack and retreat.

    But what about any other good uses? I have personaly found them uneffective in bombardment, bombers cost the same and are more effective and stealth bombers are more effective and have the long range.

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    I usually don't get this far

    Most of the time, the game ends before this point, but I never build Stealth Fighters from scratch. I just upgrade the existing Jet Fighters that I have. At that point in the game, I always have plenty of money.
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      You should use stealth fighter for escort mission too. When you are conducting bombing run, the enemy may be able to see you and send fighters to intercept your bombers. In that case, your bombers are virtual defenseless against the enemy fighters. But with the stealth fighters as escorts, they can protect the bombers as much as possible (most importantly... during the bomb strike.)


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        How do you command a stealth fighter to 'escort'?
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