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  • Mutual Protection pacts

    how do those things work? like how cpu's accept them i mean.

    I have a stronger military than France right now according to my military advisor. So france has accepted my mutual protection pact and become "gracious"

    I have a weaker military than the babylonians, they wont accept my pact, it makes sense there.

    But now i have a stronger military than both americans and england. And they both "would be insulted" by my offer?

    How do these things work? How come i have stronger and they wont accept? But at the same time SOME of them will accept?

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    Maybe it has something to do with them both being Expansionist? Maybe there's a "pride" factor built in to certain civs?
    One OS to rule them all,
    One OS to find them,
    One OS to bring them all
    and in the darkness bind them.


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      I am not convinced that you should expect a rational reponse to any offer of MPP or trade. They often make no sense to me. The AI offers me world map for world map and 500 gold. I have no interest in the map, I already know the whole world and have been given him free world maps for a long time. I often respond with a equally silly offer, the map for two cities or war.