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early game strategies please?

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  • early game strategies please?


    i only started playing civ 2 off and on a few months ago but at least i could usually beat it the first couple of levels..

    in civ3 i'm getting stomped in chieftain.. apparently the strategy i have used before of advancing as fast as i can and building large armies doesn't work so great here.

    i've tried playing against just two computer opponents and they usually just flat out declare war on me and over power me.

    any good early game tips will be appreciated.


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    Pop rush speed two units.

    Attack a neighbor.

    Repeat until no neighbors are left.

    Either farm your newly conquered continent, or get galleys and continue on to a conquest victory.

    Swarms of horsemen work very well, so do swarms of any speed two special unit e.g. jaguar warriors, war chariots, impi, mounted riders, etc.


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      Read Vel's and/or Randomturn's strategy guides in this forum. They both go into the early game extensively.

      There's strategy in there the likes of which haven't been seen since Prima's breakthrough: "Build settlers early."