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How to deal effectivelly with conquered city-resistors

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  • How to deal effectivelly with conquered city-resistors

    First the bleeding obvious:

    See too it that you have a reasonable cultural strenght compared to your competitors. At least avoid cultural jumbo-positions. Build up your army in advance, and place your units close the soon-to-be-conquered Civ-border.

    A: Use 4-5 big offensive unit-clusters (not necessarily armies) to quicky (simultaneously, as much as possible) conquer just as many enemy-cities. Blietz-krieg, that is.

    B: Immediately after above 4-5 cities have been conquered; try to contact the enemy and offer peace.

    The faster you have conquered those cities, the more in shock he is - and the more likely it is that he doesnt refuse to meet you. You can sometimes even demand something extra out of him for that peace-treaty, but dont push it too far. Establishing a temporary truce-peace is very important because resistor-quelling is much more difficult as long as you are at war with that Civ.

    C: Obviously you want to continue your war later, but make use that temporary truce/peace-treaty effectivelly, by switching city-merging/city-reducing settlers and workers between founded and conquered cities - and/or let some enemy-workers to field- and colony-duty, as well.

    A MIXED conquered city population (with foreign potential troublemakers as controllable minorities) is much more manageable during resumed wars against old enemys..

    D: As long as the enemy wont accept peace, you must try to quell the resistance anyway. Besides garrison buckloads of martial law combat-units in each city, the most effective method is forced entertainment-duty. Just convert as many citizens into entertainers - even if it means city-pop reducing starvation.

    The latter is the whole point: In large cities/metros you MUST reduce those foreign pops, at all costs & as quickly as possible, into more manageable sizes.

    E: Then resuming the war later; dont just continue it without cause & war-declaration. Instead, try to provoke him to break the peace & resume the war. It looks better in the eyes of other AI-civs, if you can make him declare that continued war.

    F: Above works for republic and democracy, but of course; Communism is the best overall War-government.